Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hair and Makeup

Hey everyone.. Come and see how good I look!

I got a lot of compliments like "Ooo it's so elegant" and "You look gorgeous". So yeah, I look good.

Oh, and my dress fitting pictures are at the bottom. We have to fix the sleeves again tomorrow, but it'll look awesome.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Seven days...

We're getting married!!!!!!!

Anyways, would you believe I got horribly sick this weekend (on my 25th birthday)?! I laid in bed from Sunday to Wednesday and I'm starting to feel better. However, my infamous red eye is back in full force. Wtf is wrong with my eyes?!

I worked in a lab yesterday and had some funny moments in the lab, like not knowing to push open the door to the walk-in refrigerator, laying on the dirty ground to find a tiny vial of one of my samples under the massive freezers, and being completely incompetent. But, I'm getting paid!

Anyways, I'm moving this weekend, so I must get back to work. See you all soon!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Not caring..

So I have an exam today in my graduate Physiology course. The teacher's methods are different (i.e. NO powerpoint slides) and interesting... I just hate studying for this crap. We tried to have a mini study group yesterday, but all we ended up doing was frustrating each other. It didn't last very long.

I ended up being very stressed out from the final I had just taken and just the sheer amount of material I had to review in one night for this exam. So, when I'm ready to throw the towel in, Graham called to tell me he has free tickets to the Trailblazers. So, instead of studying, I went and had a great time.

Also, my neighbor went out of town and left his alarm on. So, for the second morning in a row, I only get 5 hours of sleep due to the incessant beeping. Freaking a.

I have my lingerie/friends shower on Saturday. If friends I've known for years don't show up, I will be ticked. We'll see what happens...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Neat Gift

Ok, so I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine. Does that make me old?

Anyways, they had some gift ideas for Christmas and such, and I really liked this one at www.jackandlulu.com

It's a framed monogram and I'd love it for our living room or kitchen!

So, if any of you are stumped on a wedding gift, feel free to buy this with the green lattice background for Graham and me.. :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


So, I'm going through the temple today for the first time. I'm really excited for the whole experience. I'm expecting... something unexpected I guess. I think it'll be really neat and special.

I bought all of my temple stuff last night. There were so many different kinds of fabrics and styles, so I asked the lady what her opinion was. She would give me a blank look instead of her opinion. I was like HELLO.. I have no idea what I'm doing. My mom was there with me but still.. the worker was of no help at all.

So our parents finally met last night. It was a pretty successful meeting in a good, but not expensive, restaurant called Manzana's Grill right on the lakefront in Lake Oswego. The parents enjoyed swapping stories about crazy kids and their jobs. Now.. all that needs to happen is the meeting of the families. My family is quite older (Graham's oldest brother just turned 25, and my oldest brother is 31 and has 2.5 kids), but I think it'll be ok. I just realized we didn't take any pictures. I always have a camera with me, but I forget to take it out. Oh well.

I got a really cute dress for the rehearsal dinner. Seriously, I hate dresses, but I tried this one on, and I was like dang I look good (meaning SLIM). So yeah, excited for that. Less than 3 weeks!!!

So, Graham wrote a song for me on the piano. He first wanted to call it "The Essence of Beauty" (yes, that's in Zoolander, which he had NEVER seen), but he changed it after watching Zoolander. It's now called "Her Essence".

Graham recorded it at his cousin's own little music studio and added music effects to it. It's awesome, and like 5 minutes long. I love it. Graham is amazing because he will just play music he is making up. He hears the chords and the harmony and just ad libs the songs. He always tells me it's not hard to make up your own songs. Yeah... right.

So, I tried to add the song to my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. Do any of you know how to do it?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Four Weeks!

Graham and I are getting married four weeks from today!!!

I have been planning this and preparing for this.. for like FOREVER. I've looked at wedding pictures and videos and I can't wait to have some of my own.

December 21st cannot come soon enough!

Btw, I'm trying to pick out a song for our first dance. I want a Brian McKnight song, and here are my favorites:
"The Only One for Me"
"Love of my Life"

Let me know which one you all like!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bridal Shower

Ok, so the blog you've all been waiting for... Descriptions of my bridal showers. I'll do my California one first, since it didn't really have any humorous moments. Well, it was a lovely day in Folsom.. sun shining, hummingbirds flying around, etc. I helped my family prepare for the likely onslaught of people just dying to see me pre-wedding and my ring.

Then I went to my dress fitting. I can't post pictures of me in my dress since Graham might see them, but if you want, I can email you a few. Anyways, my dress and veil are GORGEOUS. They are quite white, so it's a good thing I've been tanning. I look slim from the front, but not so much from the side (what can I do besides become anorexic?), so I'm hoping to take more pictures facing the front. The night before the dress fitting, we had a fun time marking where the sleeves need to go to cover everything. I still have pen on my boob and back. It's all about the round neck--it's lower than the square neck!

Tish joined me and my mom at the bridal shop, where she took my mom's side about where my veil should go. I want a back piece... not a front one! Anyways, I compromised, but we'll see where it goes on my wedding day... So after that, we headed back to my house to decorate. My sister likes pink and brown, so even though those aren't my wedding colors, it still looked nice. We got all creative and used some of the candle holders I'll be using at my reception.

1st picture: Maren is telling me here that she helped pick out this stuff for me for "her" gift to me (thanks Joanna). It included an olive wood spoon, which if you use while cooking, is supposed to make for a long lasting and happy marriage (so the French say). I thought that was very nice. Joanna and her sisters all have one, and they're all still married, so... I think it'll work.
2nd picture: My only piece of lingerie sent from Mallory and Whit. It is VERY cute. Graham was very excited to hear I got some. I tried it on and I look pretty hot...

3rd picture: Part of our creative decorations. I don't like carnations, but when stuffed into a little square vase like this with a bow, they looked adorable. Thanks Anna! (Yes, I have a sister-in-law named Anna and another named Joanna.)

4th picture: The brownie tower with brown plates and the pink and brown bow. I added the bow and convinced my mom to get the good brown plates.

5th picture: Julie's main idea was to serve "mocktails" in the cute little glasses. We had diet sprite and cran-raspberry juice with frozen slices of lime and maraschino cherries. They were delicious and very fun.

Anyways, even though people didn't come that said they would (the invitations were sent out pretty early), I had so much fun! I got to see old friends, family, new family (new baby boys!), and friends from the ward. It was very chill--NO games--and fun to think all these people were coming to support me getting married. I got some awesome presents and a bunch of new cookbooks. I was like, do these people know me or what? I love to cook!

So, my Portland shower was a little more awkward since I haven't known Graham's family for that long.. But, all of them showed up (even Graham's cousin who'd had a baby 3 days before) and gave me good presents. Oh, and only one of my friends showed up. That was really nice of her and it made me feel better about myself.
Ok, so the "heirloom" thing... Graham's mom gave me some things of Graham's great-grandma: a porcelain cup and saucer and a porcelain bowl. It was very nice of her to give me those things and nothing big or bulky like a quilt. She also gave me the down-alternative comforter I registered for, so that was even better. Graham's grandma bought me jewelry. She told me she gives all granddaughters getting married something like this, but Graham's sister-in-law only got a picture of her future husband before they got married. Anyways, I digress..
So, I open the bag, and it's an earring box from Zales. I'm like, is this a trick? I open it up, very curious as to what's inside, and I see... EARRINGS. Pearl and diamond earrings with gold accents. To all of you that know me very well, I haven't worn earrings in over 10 years (I have weak earlobes that are almost ripped from wearing earrings when I was young). Plus, I don't like gold, nor do I really like pearls. I'm like, oh crap, she wants me to wear these on my wedding day.
So I'm debating... Do I take them and never tell her my ears aren't pierced? Do I tell her later they aren't pierced? Or do I now tell her straight up I can't wear them? So, this is how it went down..
I exclaim, "Oh my gosh... they're beautiful!"
I whisper, "But I can't wear them.."
So I have to explain my ear situation to everyone.. and now everyone in Graham's family now knows the story. Good thing everyone thinks it's funny. His grandma has since bought me a nice diamond bracelet (in the shape of hearts) to replace the earrings. Not my style, but I can (and will) wear it.
Anyways, 30 days from tomorrow and I'll be married! Yay!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Pretty descriptive title right?

We received our invitations yesterday, and.. of course I had to assemble them and prepare them all to be sent out soon. Expect one in the mail soon!
Geez. Great picture quality. I'm really thinking of going into photography to showcase my skills.

I also just found some pictures from our trip to Utah. It was a windy day at temple square and seriously at least 5 couples had gotten married in a 2-hour period. I was rating all of the dresses. We wanted to take some pictures with couples in the background. I didn't like this girl's dress.

Classic Graham shot.

We're so hot right now.

Anyways, that's life and I'm excited for everything coming up in the next few weeks: bridal showers, dress fitting, catering tasting, and Thanksgiving (pie making won't be the same without you Julie!).

Btw, this blog is Sherri's intellectual property. Graham never gets on the internet, much less to even look at my blog. He will never blog... ever. Hah. Oh Graham.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Exciting Life

So, I live a pretty exciting life now. Pretty much every night, I go home from school, cook dinner, work on some homework, and fall asleep to some TV show with Graham. I then have to kick him out of my apartment around 11 PM.

Sometimes.. we throw in a movie instead of a TV show to mix it up.


I just get TIRED around 9 PM every night. Does that make me old? Speaking of old--I'm turning twenty-FIVE in a month. Do you remember when 25 was freaking OLD?!

Anyways, some real "excitement" in my life was my first appointment yesterday with a gynecologist. I won't go into detail or anything, but it actually wasn't that bad. Phew.

My bridal shower thrown by Graham's family is next Saturday. I'm excited, but a little.. apprehensive. It's partly an "heirloom shower"...

I don't know about you all, but my family doesn't really have "heirlooms". Maybe we're not very sentimental or something, but we don't pass stuff down at all. I really didn't like getting "hand-me-down" clothing from older cousins... not that those were heirlooms. I guess I don't have much appreciation for old stuff. I will practically throw stuff away just because it's old.

Anyways, so I might be getting some nice stuff, like... I don't even know what. I'm type-less.

I'm expecting a quilt somewhere.. maybe a picture of Jesus or a framed cross-stitched quote about family. Maybe a coat of arms! Haha. Jokes. His grandma said I should know how to take a joke or something at the shower. That sounds interesting. I'm not even going to explore that thought whatsoever.

Oh, and Graham and I have tentatively secured a spot as apartment managers in a free 2-bedroom apartment. However, the floor is all linoleum and tile, so it's like a dorm room. Anyone know where to get cheap and attractive rugs? We bought a cute couch and chair for $350--brand new! I'll maybe have to blog about my awesome negotiation skills later.

So.... with a 2-bedroom apartment, everyone is welcome to come and visit us in Portland!

Well, keep posting your blogs, and I'll keep reading them. I need SOMETHING to check while I aimlessly surf the Internet.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm getting gipped

Ok, so fall is my favorite season by far. I love the colors, the crisp air, and the start of something new (e.g. classes, schoolyear, friends, etc.).

So yeah.. Portland is ripping me off by not allowing me to enjoy this season! Freaking A what is with the rain?! Literally, there are rivers in the parking lots, the sun never shines, and the hems of my pants are perpetually wet. No fall walks, the scenic drives are miserable with the idiot drivers, and no crisp weather--it's just WET wet WET!

Last year, the fall was gorgeous! Portland tricksed me into liking it here. It was like, here Sherri, it's beautiful and nice all the way into November. Love me. And so I did. I fell in love with Portland, the trees, the weather, etc.

Now, Portland is a biatch that rains everyday with traffic made even worse by the rain. OOoo I just heard thunder. Portland is mad at me.

Ok funny story. Like I said, I love the fall season, and would love to decorate my apartment with all fall stuff. So, I was thinking, I could be crafty and make my own decorations.

I told Graham how funny getting married is to me because I'm becoming domesticated. He said, "what do you mean?" I said, "you know, like I could be a homemaker and make crafts for our home."

He laughed and laughed at that. Thanks Graham.

I know craft making is not me, but maybe I could try? Hahahahahaha. We'll see. I could be the next Martha.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Possible alien abduction?

I haven't been abducted... but nothing cool or bloggable has happened to me lately..

I like reading everyone else's blogs though, so keep me updated!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wake up call..

So, I'm starting to finally feel what it's going to be like after Graham and I get married..

It's no longer about ME, but US.

My YSA ward has dinner groups once a month, and of course, my apartment is host to these awkward events. So, in comes a bunch of people I don't know, and I'm supposed to socialize with them. It's not like I don't want to--I just don't know them. I'm not like one of those annoying people that only socialize with other couples. I just don't like all the awkward conversations.

Anyways, so.. girls notice I'm engaged, and they only ask questions about Graham, or our story. No longer is anybody interested in Sherri, just Sherri and Graham.

At first, I was entertained by this change in social environment. I was like haha, this is new.

Then I was annoyed. HELLO. I am a separate person and have a whole background story. My life story was not erased when I said "yes" to Graham.

Now, I realize--this is what marriage means. Merging your lives and becoming one as a couple. It's no longer me mE ME. I hope that's only as selfish as I'll ever be.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wedding Planning

So I've gotten several requests for some updates on my future wedding..

Ok, so my budget isn't the highest. It doesn't quite allow for me to do all the things I want to do. I wanted a cocktail party style reception with high tables and some light music in the background. However, due to budget restraints (the low tables are free, high tables are not), that idea was cancelled. I would like a pianist playing some music, like some Brian McKnight, in the background.. But, due to budget constraints and reception site constraints, that idea was scratched. Poo.

However, many things have gone well..

I found my dress at a random bridal shop in Folsom. I have to get sleeves added, but still, I will be absolutely gorgeous in it. And, I haven't seen anyone wear a dress that looks like it. I have will have back piece two-layer veil that will come down to my fingertips. I'm going to have my hair up, with a ribbon at the top instead of a tiara or sparkly headpiece.

My reception is NOT in a cultural hall, although I do like balloons in the basketball hoops. Barf. We're having our California reception at the Folsom Rotary Clubhouse. We found an absolutely beautiful church in Portland that looks like an English tudor mansion, and the cultural hall is not a basketball court. It isn't our ward's building, so we have to do some negotiating.

I have linens, candles, and flower centerpieces. My bridesmaids are going to have ivory bouquets--gerbera daisies. Simple and elegant. Mine is going to be burgundy with roses and lilies. Of course, the modest bridesmaid dresses I found are out of certain sizes, so... Arrrgh. I hate looking for modest dresses! There aren't many that don't look like flight attendant uniforms! And, the ones that don't cost more than $300.

I'm going to have a three-tier square cake with fondant. There are going to be swirly designs on the sides, and one side has buttons going down to mirror the buttons on my dress. Then, on the top of the cake, our initials are going to be in sugar, held up on sticks. The sticks will be covered up by some burgundy roses.

As for the food, it's going to be hors d'oeuvres for a light meal. We can't quite decide on what the beverages will be.

Graham and I are going to be spending our first night together in a luxury bed and breakfast in Sacramento (Inn at Parkside). Our lil honeymoon will be spent in San Fran (the Westin Union Square) until Christmas Eve. We plan on going to Hawaii (Kuaui) for a real honeymoon after I graduate in June.

Anyways, I've been planning like CRAZY and it's like almost all done! Yay!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Trip back home

Ok, so here is a photo blog entry of what went on over the weekend, but backwards.. I refused to take any pictures on the day that Graham proposed because I looked so sick. These pictures are classic.

We went on the gondola at Heavenly, and there were bears up by the viewing deck. Hello little baby-faced killas. Plus, there was the most beautiful view of Lake Tahoe up there. Lovely lovely day.

We went to the A's game with my family, as well as Darren and Tish. We also made a stop at a Wal-Mart in Oakland, which had to be the most awesome and most diverse store ever. I had my first sniff of sweet stinky weed in the parking lot. On the way home, we also stopped at the Oakland Temple. Beautiful.

We met together for breakfast at Mimi's and had a wonderful time. Saturday night, we all had a sleepover at Tish and Darren's house. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Yay--we're all happy and almost all married!

Our first flight together. It was delayed an hour and stressed me out. I hate flying sometimes. Arrrrgh.

Anyways, I am back from California... not really rested since I made tons of wedding plans.. I was actually pretty dang exhausted last night when I got back in town. Graham took me out to a Cajun restaurant, where I tried jambalaya for the first time and Graham learned that "cajun" isn't a spice.
We started our registry at Macy's today and I had sooooooo much fun! I kept asking Graham about stuff, and he was like "sure babe, that looks good". Funny.
Ok well, I'm loving life!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This just can't be summer love..

So, um.. Yeah. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! (Thanks Buddy)

Long story, but since I last wrote in my blog... My freaking family--who cannot keep a secret to save their lives--caused a major snowball (i.e. a WEDDING) to start rolling down the hill. Anyways, I've been really excited and nervous, and very very emotional for a couple of days.

One night I couldn't sleep I was so excited..

The next evening, I was bawling my eyes out because I was so scared due to irrational fears.

Since then, I've been looking at wedding stuff like 24/7. I've been much more calm and excited.. just a little nervous.

Graham is going to propose in the next few weeks.. He's been planning it, and is keeping it a secret. Usually I can get anything out of him, but he's holding it in.. I hope the engagement is a good story! Knowing us, something will go wrong... Hahahaha.

We went and got our ring sizes the other day. I TRIED ON RINGS. Weird!!! I have ugly fingers. I want to take a picture just like this one.. once I have my ring. Just to show how cool I was... excuse me--how cool I am. And.. you know.. Once I get my ring, I'll take a picture just like this one to compare.

I am thinking of reception ideas.. I am thinking of like an Old Hollywood look--like black, cream, silver (or a metallic taupe?), and burgundy for a pop of color. I love the look of this tablecloth and runner. Don't like the flowers though.

I want things to look classy, like looking back at old black and white photographs. Anybody have ideas?

On the light side, Graham came over to my house last week looking like this.. He has the dorkiest pants he wears for work, and I hate them. See how much clothing affects a person's look!

All right kids.. Exciting times!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The big M

So, Graham and I have been discussing being together.... for the rest of eternity.

Does/did this not freak everyone else out???!!?!?!?!?

I have gone through an emotional roller coaster already.. don't know if I can handle much more. It makes me excited, overwhelmed, nervous, HAPPY... all at once. It's just way too much to take!

Anyways, I went to Graham's house on Sunday and used his laptop while he was taking a shower or something. I was pulling up my blog website (you know... shewishewi) when "shaneco.com" shows up in the website line.. Like he looked at it in the past couple of days!

My heart started RACING like crazy, and I couldn't stop smiling. Graham was looking at rings for me! It's just hard for me to believe that some guy thinks of me in that way. Really, like.. he wants to MARRY me. Me!

I've been hoping and waiting for something like this my whole life, and now that it's here... I'm afraid.. I'm afraid of making the wrong decision. I absolutely know he's the one for me, but.. I cannot get rid of that seed of doubt. I know where doubt and fear come from, and they're not helping me at all...

Anyways, don't worry... nothing will happen for a couple of months at least.. Stay tuned.....

My recent life

So guys.. I've been working for a dietitian who has her own business.. This means I've been able to work from home for the past week and a half. It has been heavenly..

This is my schedule:
6:30 Wake up, look at the clock, and close my eyes again
7:30 Wake up again and lay in my bed until 8
8:00 Turn on TV and laptop
8:30-11:00 Play on internet, do work, shower, eat, etc..
11:00-3:00 Internet, TV, more work, Dr. Pepper, etc
3-3:30 Talk to Graham
3:30-5:00 Play on internet and work while Graham takes a nap
5-6:00 Make dinner
6-6:30 Eat dinner
6:30-11:00 Play w/ Graham, check email, read scriptures, take a walk, etc
11-11:30 Say goodbye to Graham
11:30 Sleep

It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I was just watching "The Hills", and one of the girls said out loud, "w-t-f".

Ok, that is just something you joke about--saying stuff like "l-o-l", or "s-t-f-u" instead of saying the actual words.. It's freaking retarded!

Anyways, I'm also going to complain about the commercial.. I think it's for ditech? You know, the one where they say, "people are smart".

Ok, I hate to say this, but people are NOT smart! (Look at my first sentence.) Is ditech just trying to butter people up or do they really think people are smart?

So yeah, that's my life.. I've been working from home and watching TV.. It's been lovely.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


You know.. I was looking at some random chick's pictures on facebook, and there were a bunch of pictures of her and her friends.. It made me REALLY miss my friends.

I mean, I had my 5 years in Utah, I had my chances to really have fun with friends and enjoy the college life...

But now it's different. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with my life. I have a great boyfriend who makes me laugh, and I'm doing well in my internship and school, but sometimes.. I just wish I could be back in Provo....

All of my friends live in far-away places. I see them maybe 3-4 times a year. I don't have many girlfriends up here in Portland..

Ok, I have like 4: my roommates and friends from school.

I miss the closeness of Provo, just like being able to see your friend in 5 minutes, and being able to hang out with all of your closest friends.

Anyways, friends---I LOVE YOU and miss you!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Freaked Out

So, yesterday.. I got a headache around 3 PM, probably because I was sitting weird or holding my head strangely in an interview.. I never get headaches, so that sucked, especially since I can't swallow pills. By 11 PM, it was still there..

I fell asleep reading a book, probably around 12:30 or so. I woke up at 1:30 with my head absolutely pounding. I tried massaging it out of my neck, relaxing, closing my eyes, but nothing seemed to help.

Tons of scary thoughts started running through my mind. A brain tumor makes sense--I've been dizzy lately, my left eye is red and inflamed, and now I have a pounding headache.

My mind capitalized on the possibility of having a brain tumor. I'd have to quit school, go through radiation or chemo, and probably not be able to start working for years. I'd be really poor since my insurance sucks.. One amusing thought that I had was that I'd probably lose weight. See why I'm crazy?

I started crying because it hurt so bad, so finally after 30 minutes, I decided to go to Walgreens. It wasn't open. Seriously, aren't they all open 24 hours?? Anyways, luckily the grocery store right by me is open 25 hours. In your face Walgreens.

I got some motrtin and water.. 5 minutes later, it was gone. I texted Graham about it, because I had seriously considered calling him to come give me a blessing, even though he lives a half hour away. Poor guy--he was up an hour afterwards worrying about me with the same crazy thoughts I had.

So, that's just an example of how my mind works and how I one day might possibly worry myself to death.

Monday, August 13, 2007

For Whitney

This is for you Whit, since you told me to put some pictures of Graham up here... when, if you look.. there are some on previous blogs... :)

These are the most recent.

The bottom picture is from when Graham and I went hiking at a place called Kah-nee-ta hot springs in Oregon. We both got extremely sunburned, if you didn't notice how pasty I am.. Graham also treated me to as facial there. It was very relaxing..
The top two pictures are from our trip to Seattle for Graham's birthday. Since he likes flying, I took him to the Boeing Future of Flight museum in Everett. We then took a walk around one of the lakes in the area (or it could've been part of Puget Sound?) and talked about the stuff we wished we could do if we had money, like visiting Victoria, British Columbia, taking a ride in a sea-plane, or going to Disneyland.. We topped off the day with the Red Sox vs. Mariners game. Chili cheese nachos for me, footlong hot dog for him. What a night.
I do have a funny story about "chili".. We were at a restaurant, and Graham and I were talking about our choices. I mentioned that one of the items he liked was a vegetarian dish. He was like, "huh.. I thought there was meat in it.. It says 'chile'." Oh Graham.
Oh and btw, Graham does not wear sweaters like that. He tried it on, so I had to take a picture because he looked so good.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Food Snob?

It's no surprise.. I'm obsessed with food (check out my "guilty pleasures" in previous blog).. I talk about food all day with patients, I think about calorie trade-offs and recipes throughout the day, and I love to plan menus.

I have come to the realization lately that I'm becoming a food snob. Not a foodie--I really don't cook fancy stuff--just a snob.

Graham and I went grocery shopping the other day together. Graham.. oh poor Graham.. doesn't have many cooking skills, and doesn't have much of a discerning palate, so his purchases were as follows: white bread, hot dogs, pop-tarts, australian muffins (they're supposedly like english muffins), and hot dog buns. I was totally grossed out. I've tried to help him, but.. what can I say? He likes his American food. He likes canned vegetables and fruit, which have no nutritional value at all.. You might as well just eat poop.

Mind you.. One time Graham offered to "make" me dinner at his house. He got out BOXED Asian food, similar to ramen. I took one look and said, uh.. we're going out.

**Granted, Graham has made me real food before (i.e. lasagna, fried chicken, frostbitten hamburgers, etc), but this was disgusting. It reminds me of another time that he offered to bring home some take-out... and he came home with crusty fried chicken, corn dogs, and some jo jo's (fried potatoes) from Safeway's deli. You should've seen my face. We laugh about this a lot.**

So now, I plan the meals.. he helps me make them.

Anyways, that's my blogggggg. I might update later this week, but I am going home this weekend, and need to prepare to that. So, hold your buns folks--it might be another week until I blog again.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Next time you're thinking of being lazy and skipping your trip to the gym, think about this..

Sitting for 4 hours per day in a dialysis center, 3 days a week.
Your blood is running through a fistula (plastic nonetheless), and coming back in through an artificially fused vein.
Following a diet that restricts dairy, beef, chicken, bananas, orange juice, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, diet cola, and many many fruits.
Not being able to vacation for more than 2 days.

Don't get diabetes people!! Get off your lazy butts, stop eating so much, and MOVE!

Anyways, that's my rant. I'm interning in the dialysis unit, and I seriously feel bad for the people who have to go through this arduous process. Look it up on wikipedia. It sucks.

Yeah... I'm bored.

Jobs I've had:
1) Mountain Mike's Pizza for like one month. I was "too slow". A-holes.
2) El Dorado Hills Sun Spa. Yes, I worked in a tanning salon and I now hate tanning. I also currently do not produce melanin. I just turn red.
3) Hogi Yogi. For 4 years. Enough said.
4) TA for Nutrition and Prevention of Chronic Disease. There are some dumb kids at BYU.

Places for weekend getaway:
1) Seattle
2) Oregon coast
3) Monterey (one of my most favorite places EVER)
4) Folsom (is that considered a "getaway"?)

Movies I can watch over and over:
1) Pride and Prejudice
2) Talladega Nights
3) Notting Hill
4) Moulin Rouge

Guilty Pleasures:
1) The Food Network
2) Dr. Pepper
3) Santitas and Pace chunky salsa
4) Cookbooks.... Notice how all of these have to do with food? It is my job you know..

Places I've Lived:
1) Sacramento/Folsom, CA
2) Provo, UT
3) Portland/Wilsonville, OR
4) ....

What I thought when I first saw my significant other:
Note: Graham is my "other"
1) Hes' cute.
2) And little.
3) He knows Colt.
4) He really likes food.

Places I've been on vacations:
1) The UK
2) France
3) The Caribbean
4) Hawaii

Favorite Foods:
1) Generic fruit snacks
2) Baby carrots w/ Litehouse ranch
3) Fresh homemade tortillas
4) Odwalla lemonade. Praise the summer.

If in a "jam" with spouse, tactics used to get out of the doghouse:
We don't fight, but this is what I do to get my way
1) Look him in the eyes
2) Bat my eyes
3) Tickle him
4) Hoot like a gorilla (uh.. long story)

Websites I visit daily:
Besides email sites..
1) Facebook
2) Myspace (stupid, I don't even do anything)
3) Blogs
4) ...

First kiss locations:
1) Church parking lot
2) Various bedrooms
3) Backseat
4) Various couches
I am TRASHY hahahaha.

Places I'd rather be:
1) In bed
2) California
3) In a movie theater (popcorn, diet Coke, and air conditioner)
4) Anywhere BUT the hospital

I wanna go hooooooooooooome.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Best

I hate to be one of those girls, but..

I have the best boyfriend EVER!

I was complaining to Graham while entering dietary data at Kaiser that I was thirsty and had no money for the vending machines.

Not only did he drive across town to bring me a Diet Dr Pepper, but he also brought me some red vines. Hello... wonderful boy!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Neurotic much?

I need a haircut..
I told myself I wouldn't get my bangs cut again until my hair is long.

How I wear my hair every day..
I hate my arms.

I'm a worrier.. Listen to my latest..

My mom had stick straight hair like mine until she turned 24... (She had also just had her first child.) Her mom had straight hair until she had kids in her mid 20s..

So, I am deathly afraid of my hair turning curly. I don't DO my hair. I wash it, comb it, and that's it. If I had curly hair, I'd probably die.

So, I have become increasingly more aware of changes in my hair. I seriously started freaking out a few months ago because I thought my hair was going wavy.

The solution: I changed the way I wrap my turbie-twist (yes, I use those and they are very handy), and my hair stopped being weird.

Lately, I have been pulling any hair off my head that is semi-wavy. There's been a larger number of them.... dun dun dun....

Anyways, here are some recent pictures from my new camera.

Julie and I at Haystack Rock.
Again, I hate my arms.

Graham and I with his best impression of a smile.
I'm just lucky he doesn't look constipated.

I just noticed he had a scar on his forehead..
I made it into a Harry Potter scar.
Surprisingly, he wouldn't leave the house like that.

Here's us waiting for Harry Potter.

Again, I hate my arms with a passion.

All right kids.. Nap time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blog NUT

Um... I don't go around reading random people's blogs. I think that's creepy.

But, I was looking up a recipe the other day.. don't quite remember for what, but I discovered the best blog ever: The Food Whore.

I don't know how many of you have worked in foodservice, but even regular people who like to dine out would find this funny. Will you understand all the angst and pain of working in foodservice? Maybe not...

Anyways, while reading this blog, I was holding back massive giggles and snorts during work. Yes.. work. I have been entranced by this blog for the past two and a half days. Literally. On Friday, someone interrupted my reading by coming in my office for a painstaking 20 minute chat. I pretended to listen and looked at my computer longingly, thinking GET OUT NOW. I AM READING A BLOG. Nerd maybe?

The Food Whore--I highly recommend it.

P.S. I am "abusing" government resources by writing this blog at work. Ooops.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is a blogNOT

I guess it wasn't that recently, but I made Graham watch "Borat" with me. He like died laughing. Yeah.. random. I just wanted to have a cool title and Borat was the only thing I could think of.

It's been a long day. I've been working for almost 11 hours, including lunch and traffic along the way. I sat at a computer all day bored out of my mind, now I get to sit more to enter people's food choices into a food database. And NO.. I don't get paid for this. It's killing me! FYI, I'm still at work and blogging.. I'm awesome.

So yeah, I've been working full-time at the hospital and heading up to "volunteer" at Kaiser twice a week to enter data for my thesis. Death. Oh, and I have a full-time boyfriend. My time is.. valuable? tight? chaotic? Even though I got enough sleep last night, I'm tired.

Julie's coming to visit me tonight. We're going downtown tomorrow--we'll shop, eat and see Harry Potter. Fun night! Plus, her and Graham get to meet. Fun. We're going to the coast to catch some colder weather on Saturday.. and then Julie and I work on cheer stuff on Sunday. Great way to end the weekend right?

What else has happened? Hmmm
  • I moved to a suburb south of Portland. It's like 15 miles away from downtown, but like miles away from the Portland-feel. I have mixed feelings, but I LOVE my apartment.. I just wish Oregon places had air conditioners.
  • I just got the internet at my apartment after 2 weeks of abstinence. Verizon is retarded.. seriously.
  • 4th of July in WA/OR was intense! In WA, they have all of these fireworks that are illegal in OR and CA, but legal there. I went w/ Graham to his family's celebration, and pretty much almost caught on fire from all the fireworks' debris that fell on me. Other than that, good food, a trampoline, and sun all made it a good holiday and day off from work.
  • I went hiking in the "Ape Caves" on the 4th. I tore through it like an animal. I'm like awesome at it. I impressed Graham. However, since we were riding in a convertible to and from the caves, I got severely sunburned on my legs. They're itching like CRAZY and I peeled one leg all last night.
  • I' m poor from moving and spending money on who knows what! Suck. I also bought a microwave from Target that doesn't work. Wtf?!
  • I'm going home over Labor Day weekend.. with Graham. We're both very excited. He's never even been to CA. We're planning on going to San Fran, Oakland (the A's game), Tahoe, and maybe even Grass Valley!! Oh, and don't forget Old Folsom and downtown Sac, the hottest hangouts in town!

Anyways, I'm pretty much going to be here for almost 2 more hours. This sucks. 8:15 come already!

Friday, June 29, 2007


My family visited me here in Portland.. I was pretty excited to see a bunch of Fechters, and to play with Maren and Braden.

Also, my family was to meet Graham. Intense.

So, Graham and I planned on him being all scrappy, looking like a real Portlander, like one who cares about the environment, drives a Subaru, and doesn't shower. It didn't work out, so he just was normal.

Everything went ok, nothing too weird or embarrassing. But, my mom and brother and his wife lectured me on being too touchy-feely. They said it was hard enough for them to control themselves, and they only dated/were engaged for 3 months before getting married.

I was like ok psychos, we have self-control.. Some people don't get married after knowing each other for only 3 months. Trust me.. we're good. :) Oh, and my brother's wife told me in front of Graham that I should take out my endowments because I'm getting old. I was not happy.. Like that's a real reason!

AND, somebody in my family (my mom refuses to name the source) said I act younger around him. Granted, he is 2 years younger, but I don't act younger, I just act like myself. My family doesn't normally see me interact with friends or boyfriends, so what would they know? It just pisses me off that my family talks crap behind each other backs.

But yeah, it's cool. He's coming home with me over Labor Day to hang out in California.. He's never been!

Here are some pictures... We did a lot over a couple of days!

1. Graham and I at the Japanese Garden. I look super fat.

2. The coast.. It cleared up for an hour or so..

3. Somebody took a picture of my family in front of the Portland temple. You can't see my family or the temple. Thanks stranger.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peculiar? Unique? Special?

Ok, so I know I'm different than other girls.. I pride myself on that.

In fact, I was reading in some of my old journals and I'd said something about finding a guy who values my unique qualities and appreciates the fact I'm different. That quality in a guy had completely been forgotten in my search for the perfect man. I, instead of focusing on what was wrong with the guy or the relationship, would ask "what's wrong with ME?" or "what should I have done?".

Obviously, that was the wrong attitude and I had completely forgotten how special and unique I am.. until recently. My boyfriend and other guy friends have remarked repeatedly that I am different... peculiar even.

I agree.. but how am I so different, and how did I get to be this way?

Things that make me different:
--I hate drama.
--I don't like flowers.. or jewelry.

But really, can any of you help me name the things about me that make me different? I'm at a loss here..

Saturday, June 2, 2007

New CD

I have been waiting for a new Maroon 5 CD for years.. And it has finally arrived.

It sounds different, but I absolutely LOVE the songs. I could listen to it over and over.. and I have!

Anyways.. go buy it!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Perfect Match

Ok, I have never been in a relationship, or even gone out with another guy who's been such a perfect match for me.. EVER.


--He's cheesy, just like me.. We're going on cheesy dates, like a picnic by the river, and next we're going on a tandem bike ride in Portland... wearing matching green striped shirts.
--He's goofy and can make me laugh about the stupidest things.. We had a BBQ with old, frostbitten hamburgers and moldy buns, and we laughed forever about our luck.
--He has an awesome family and really values his relationships with his family members.
--He thought I was out of his league.
--He tells me a lot how beautiful I am.
--He teases me, but not in a mean way.
--We were talking about him being back from his mission for 9 months, and he was like, I know.. it sucks. I asked why. He said, it sucks that it took that long to find you.. (Reference the first fact haha..)

Seriously.. can it get any better?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Visual DNA

Again, I'm putting off homework.. I'm going to be in trouble!


Well Tish.. I don't know 7 people on Blogspot, but I'll do my 7 random things about me anyways..

1. I love love love music. I will often take the long way home to listen to more of my favorite songs. That's one reason why it really sucked to have all of those CD's stolen. I also love to blast my songs and sing at the top of my lungs in the car.

2. I am a very private person about the personal things in my life. I only trust a couple of people with those things, and really.. I don't tell everything to anybody. Only the Lord knows my full story.

3. I am not a "deep" person, so when I read old stuff that I've written that makes sense it really surprises me. In an old blog, I once wrote about the things I'd learned in college.. It was amazing actually. (I'll include it at the end of the blog... I wrote those things 3 years ago.)

4. I don't really get MAD.... ever. One of the only times I remember getting really angry (besides road rage) was at cheer practice 4 years ago. One girl was ALWAYS the last one out on the field.. the laziest girl alive. I called her "molasses". So one time, she purposefully took an extra freaking long time to get out, and I yelled at her repeatedly to go.. And then.. she turned around and rolled her eyes and spoke under her breath. I seriously almost threw the radio at her head. But yeah, that's my angry story.

5. I am a natural slacker (i.e. I am writing this instead of doing homework), but finally I have someone helping me that pushes me to do better and not only rely on my smarts. I read an evaluation of me from a BYU professor (I know.. I wasn't supposed to), and she said something about me really excelling when I get something to "light my fire". Finally.. I'm on fire.

6. Speaking of fire, I did not light a match until I was almost 21.. for a microbiology lab class. It still scares the crap out of me, and I almost burn my hands every time.

7. For the first time in my life, I'm not worried about my future.. I'm remarkably calm and somewhat willing to let the events occur in my life as they may. Maybe it has something to do with the guy I'm dating.. Speaking of that... when do you start calling someone your boyfriend/girlfriend? I don't want a DTR. Hahaha.

Here are my thoughts from Summer 2004 about college:

1. High school shouldn't have an effect on who you are--let go of your past self. I find myself being self-conscious every time I'm in Folsom.
2. College serves to teach you who you can become. You learn the things there that are necessary to help you along the way, but you can find yourself amidst all the studying and partying. (Haha)
3. Friend have to be maintained with care. Sometimes, things just aren't the same if you don't regularly check up on them.
4. Best friends can be found in the oddest places, even in people you think you don't get along with.
5. Don't pretend to "not care" about a certain boy/girl. It always comes off as "trying too hard".
6. Be honest. People would much rather hear the truth than some phony "Oh I love that".
7. There are some fake people out there. They usually come with blond dye or bleach.. JK. They want to make you think that they are "the most real person" that you've met. Trust me, if they actually have to say that to you, it's not true.
8. Come to grips with who you are. I have recently decided that I can't eat Mexican food, after many years of denial. I know my body can't handle it, so I have to do what's right for me.
9. Don't be a defeatist when it comes to personality traits. My friend Brett taught me this recently. I am shy, I don't feel like I fit in, and I'll never be outgoing in any way. However, it doesn't mean that I can't ever stop trying to reach out to other people.
10. Being courteous is one of the best qualities out there. Just holding open a door, offering help, or saying hello can improve someone's day. Also, to all of you that don't refill a roll of TP after you finish it, you SHOULD DIE!
11. Being independent can make you isolated. Don't be afraid to ask for help--it doesn't make you any stronger.
12. A best friend can be one of the best blessings you'll ever have. Even though you may lose some over the years, don't forget the memories you made together.
13. Love will come when it's meant to happen, no matter the circumstances. You can't rush or force it.
14. Don't sit there wondering where you'll be in 10 years, or even tomorrow. Make the choices to end up where you want to be.
15. You don't need to party to have fun. It just makes me so frustrated to think about all of the stupid people who waste their lives getting wasted and laughing about the stupid things you do while drunk. Hello. Wake up from your drunken-induced slumber and realize that there are better things in life that you can be missing.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


So I've started dating someone, but my family hasn't been torturing me with a million questions like they usually do.

However, my dad did send me this odd, and slightly disturbing, e-mail:

"Sherri if he is hot and you like him then do what is best for you. The attraction is important in a relationship."

Why is my dad so... weird?

Anyways, yes.. he's good looking, but that hardly matters. He makes me laugh and we have a great time together. Even though he's young--he turns 22 in August--it feels normal. It's the most normal start to a relationship I've had since high school. So yeah.. that's about as much as I'll post on the Internet about that. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New friends

Ok, so I haven't made many friends here in Portland, I admit.. The people in my ward are.. not exactly my type of friends. I get along with my school friends pretty well, and we do hang out sometimes, but.. that's not much.

So I'm the activities committe chairperson in my ward and I serve on an activities committee for many stakes in the Portland area, which means I go to A LOT of activities, including dances.. I've never been one to attend many activities, especially dances. They're so awkward, and usually the guys who actually attend the activities are.. weird.

I've had some interesting experiences at dances.. Meeting and chatting with a guy who looked like Jesus, getting accosted by a stalker-type and him telling me I was the most attractive girl there, and again being followed by a weirdo who told me how pretty I was and trying to find out all about me.

Evan: "I just wanted to tell you how pretty you look tonight"
Me: "Oh yeah, um, thanks."
Evan: "So what do you do for fun"

Awkward silence

Me: "Nothing. I don't have fun--I'm a grad student."

But, I've actually made friends with guys at these dances.. They also serve on the multi-stake committee, so I kinda knew them. But yeah, they invited me to hang out with them after the dances and to go to the coast with them today.

One of them actually was trained by Whitney's ex boyfriend Colt on their mission in Guam. Random! He's a cute one too.. But young. Oh.. the young ones...

Anyways, I went to the coast today and had a pretty good time in the rain and stuff. I got caught in high tide and luckily only got through with water about halfway to my knees. I tasted some of the best clam chowder ever. And I had a long talk with a guy who was pretty cool and had similar music tastes. I mean really, how many guys do I meet that I can talk to for a couple of hours?

In other words, a pretty damn good weekend, except for my less-than-stellar tomato soup I made tonight. Boo.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My forbidden love..

I have recently indulged myself in the love that is forbidden:

Dr. Pepper.

Oh the sweetness of Dr Pepper, the nectar of the gods. I love the taste more than I'll ever love a small child. (I think that's something like the quote in Blades of Glory.)

I got sick this weekend and have used it as medicine. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked.

You know why being sick sucks? I can't even enjoy some time off. I'm so miserable that napping isn't fun.

Anyways, I'm going to go back to laying in my bed. Adios.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


So, we had a multi-stake YSA activity today, participating in this huge Oregon Beach Cleanup all down the coast. I was really excited because I love the coast, and hey.. a free ride, free lunch.. whatever.

It was raining this morning, but I was like.. well just maybe it won't rain today at the beach.

(Fat chance. The Oregon coast is extremely rainy.)

When we finally got there, the rain was a fierce opponent. It was coming down pretty hard with a strong wind. Luckily, a guy from my ward had an extra rain coat for me.

I'm not a natural Oregonian. I can only stand the rain for so long. I was only able to "clean" (I use quotes because the beach had like zero trash on it) for 30 minutes or so.

The wind was CRAZY. I was seriously almost blown over. I'm not less than 100 pounds, but the wind was throwing me around like I was. Plus, I stepped in a creek with my tennis shoes, and almost slipped in the mud.

Maybe I can get some pictures to show you how freaking wet it was there. My jeans were so heavy they were FALLING OFF.

Good thing I didn't flash anybody, but I was wearing cute underwear just in case.

All in all, not the best day for a beach trip.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm slowly dying..

I am getting like NO sleep on weeknights!! First of all, I've been way stressed with school and my thesis stuff. I've also been working out a lot, and am in a really good mood when I get home from the gym.. so I can't fall asleep. The weird thing is, even though I am freaking EXHAUSTED, I have been so wonderfully and amazingly happy.

What the f#$%?

I mean, not like it's a bad thing, just.. weird.

Anyways... this is what it comes down to. I need a man. I keep reminisicing about old boyfriends and it's driving me nuts.

Where all of the the normal, Mormon, Oregonian guys??

Some people might say that's an oxymoron. I just say I'm optimistic.

Big news: I am giving a talk in church on Sunday.. My first in 10 years. That's right bitches.. they're letting me speak to the masses, and by masses I mean about 20 people.

I have some funny stories about the YSA Dance I attended, but that must be saved for another time..

Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm becoming a Portlander..

Signs that I'm truly becoming a Portland resident:

1. I kept looking for recycling bins at Disneyland.

2. I was thinking of ways that Disneyland could be more ecologically responsible.

3. The sun and heat in Southern California just about killed me.

4. I know where all the great bars are in town. (I also know where they have the best Diet Coke's.)

5. I made a vegetarian pizza tonight.

6. The sun shining today put me in the BEST mood.

7. The sound of pattering rain on my window in the morning is very soothing.

I'll let you know if I become a vegan, or get a butch haircut. Hahahaha, neither of those would ever happen..

Friday, February 23, 2007

No more drama..

Do you think I should wear a shirt like this?

Am I dramatic?

One girl from school has repeatedly remarked how dramatic I am.

I don't remember the first time she mentioned it, but she mentioned it recently when we were doing a lab class. We had to go in a stinky, small enclosed space with a wretched smell. I had to get out of there quickly because it was just rank! She said, ugh.. you're so dramatic.

Most recently was when a couple of us went out to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. I ordered a $12 personal pizza with red peppers, olives, and onions. They brought me a pizza with olives and mushrooms. First of all, I hate mushrooms AND they forgot my red peppers. So, I asked for something else and I refused to eat my pizza--fungus does not belong on anything I eat. So again, she remarked how dramatic I was being. We were the only ones in the restaurant, so it wasn't like they were busy, so they could afford to make me something else when they messed up my order. Also, I'm not paying that much for a pizza when I have to go around picking stuff off.

This is starting to piss me off. I hardly think I'm dramatic--I only exaggerate when telling stories. Can I say something without sounding petty?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I won't.. I'm Mormon.

So yeah.. I've never had alcohol. That is apparently a surprise to many people.

We try to have dietetic intern get togethers once or twice a month, and usually they are located in bars. So, I went to another Happy Hour on Friday with a couple of girls from school and some of their friends. I was drinking Diet Coke (w/ lime... very exotic), and one girl said, Hey lighten up.. it's Happy Hour! I was like.. ummmm... I don't drink.

Awkward moment.

"So, why not?"

Even more awkward.

"I'm Mormon."

A look of vague recognition fickers across her face. "Oh."

5 minutes later... "So wait a minute... You mean you've never had alcohol?"

"Yeah... Never."

So I proceed to tell her and another girl about the controversial shirts at BYU: "I can't-I'm Mormon." One girl was like, "Well that's not right.. It should be 'I won't-I'm Mormon.'"

Isn't that the attitude we need in this church?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So far this month has been pretty interesting:

--I got a new hair color ("chocolate") and cut.

--I got to teach nutrition in an "alternative" high school.

--I went to Seattle to visit my old BYU friend Sarah

--I've been snowbound for 2 days.

My new.. kind of expensive.. hair.

I went to Seattle this weekend to visit my friend. We had a lot of fun, and luckily, the weather was good for the drive there and the drive back. I finally met Sarah's husband and stayed in her apartment that was almost robbed (not while I was there thank goodness). We went to a cool part of Seattle-Broadway--and ate at a Vietnamese restaurant. I had the soup "pho" (pronounced fuh, like f$%k, haha), which was totally delicious. We then cruised (hah barely.. it was FREEZING) the street and stopped at a dessert place called Dilettante. Again, wonderful. On Sunday, I went to church with her in Bellevue and met some interesting people there. We hung out with some of Sarah's husband's friends later that day, and I was able to taste some yummy Panamanian food. Monday morning, Sarah and I went to Pike Place Market and looked at some shops and stuff. To sum it up, I had a great time over the 3-day weekend.

And now.. Portland is all crazy filled with snow. My class was cancelled today, and I was sent home from my internship early yesterday. I went stir crazy today and had to brave the treacherous road conditions to leave the house. I went and saw one of the best movies EVER today--"Children of Men". I highly recommend it. Wow. Seriously. Go see it.

Ok so yeah.. that's my life.

Monday, January 8, 2007

My next EX

Well, I have been dating someone long distance, and I kind of ended it my birthday weekend, like 4 weeks ago.

We've remained in contact, because I wasn't sure whether or not to do so.

But, we've mutually agreed to step back for a bit. I'm glad we did this because I can focus more on school and getting stuff done. It does make me sad because he's been in my life for 3-4 months now, and he's always been there for me to talk to.

However, I am now totally single, which means.. I don't really have a life besides my own.

Eh.. this is my life.

Here's a picture from my birthday dinner. My shirt is all poofed out, so I look fat; otherwise, the picture is great.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Me and my possible next boyfriend

Ok, so I admit.. I don't have the most interesting life.

The past few days, I've pretty much just gone to my internship at the Oregon Dairy Council, gone grocery shopping, and gone home to bed before 10 PM. Oh, and don't forget working on homework. Hmmmm.

But, last night, I had like the most interesting dream I've ever had:

Jake Gyllenhaal and I were dating.

That's right. Me and Jake were so Brokeback... Well, I guess that doesn't really work.

Anyways, the details are a bit fuzzy, but I distinctly remember Jake trying to talk to me about his ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst. Yeah Jake, you may be a movie star, but don't think you can disturb my beautiful dreams with ex talk.

The fact that a celebrity was in my dream is so bizarre to me. Yes, I dream about random people, but this is just weird. I don't remember the last time I even thought about Jake Gyllenhaal. So weird.

Just thought you'd all like to know about this, in case one day the 2 of us get married.

Ch ch ch ch ch ch Changes

One thing is for sure about this home building process.. There will be changes! Quick Update : drywall is nearly done. Our project manager...