Thursday, November 1, 2007

Exciting Life

So, I live a pretty exciting life now. Pretty much every night, I go home from school, cook dinner, work on some homework, and fall asleep to some TV show with Graham. I then have to kick him out of my apartment around 11 PM.

Sometimes.. we throw in a movie instead of a TV show to mix it up.


I just get TIRED around 9 PM every night. Does that make me old? Speaking of old--I'm turning twenty-FIVE in a month. Do you remember when 25 was freaking OLD?!

Anyways, some real "excitement" in my life was my first appointment yesterday with a gynecologist. I won't go into detail or anything, but it actually wasn't that bad. Phew.

My bridal shower thrown by Graham's family is next Saturday. I'm excited, but a little.. apprehensive. It's partly an "heirloom shower"...

I don't know about you all, but my family doesn't really have "heirlooms". Maybe we're not very sentimental or something, but we don't pass stuff down at all. I really didn't like getting "hand-me-down" clothing from older cousins... not that those were heirlooms. I guess I don't have much appreciation for old stuff. I will practically throw stuff away just because it's old.

Anyways, so I might be getting some nice stuff, like... I don't even know what. I'm type-less.

I'm expecting a quilt somewhere.. maybe a picture of Jesus or a framed cross-stitched quote about family. Maybe a coat of arms! Haha. Jokes. His grandma said I should know how to take a joke or something at the shower. That sounds interesting. I'm not even going to explore that thought whatsoever.

Oh, and Graham and I have tentatively secured a spot as apartment managers in a free 2-bedroom apartment. However, the floor is all linoleum and tile, so it's like a dorm room. Anyone know where to get cheap and attractive rugs? We bought a cute couch and chair for $350--brand new! I'll maybe have to blog about my awesome negotiation skills later.

So.... with a 2-bedroom apartment, everyone is welcome to come and visit us in Portland!

Well, keep posting your blogs, and I'll keep reading them. I need SOMETHING to check while I aimlessly surf the Internet.


Julie Anne said...

Mom said I could stay with you guys while we're in Portland. I don't think so.

Julie Anne said...

And I have heirlooms from grandma. Jewelry. There's more to being a Jew than jewelry!

Shauna said...

i am laughing so hard that you made one of the subjects for this blog as "heirlooms". hahahahah i cant wait to see what heirloom joke you get at your shower. SO FUNNY.

Julie Anne said...

Shauna has you on her side thing as Sherri (& soon to be Graham). If he starts writing on this blog, I'm not reading it anymore. You know how I feel about couples who have 1 blog.

Whitney said...

Yes, you are normal to be tired early. It comes with the territory. I fell asleep before ten the past two nights. Its pretty stupid, I know.

Anyway, I want to hear about the bridal shower when it happens.

Also, cheap rugs: Ok, maybe not REALLY cheap, but cheap for how cute they are.

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