Saturday, October 31, 2009


I don't even know what to blog about anymore. I barely blog, so I can't write about all of the stupid little things that happen to me that are funny.. which is what I like to write about.

Anyways, I'm going to blog about addiction. There are so many things out there that can cause addiction, and I recently realized I had a problem.

I have one. I am a recovering shopaholic.

It's taken me a long time to realize this. At BYU, I would shop weekly at Nordstrom and Banana Republic. I bought purses, sunglasses, outfits, designer jeans, and pointy-toed shoes. It helped fill the void in my life and made me feel better about myself. I would compare myself to other girls and think, well, at least I'm wearing expensive jeans. I would hit a major low when I actually would go shopping to find something specific and not be able to find a single clothing item. I would geta new outfit for all kinds of occasions, first date, first makeout, birthday, Easter, etc. When I moved to Portland, I started to like even more expensive clothes like BCBG.

Then, I met Graham and that void was filled... But the desire to shop has never gone away. I used to enjoy window shopping, but that just increased the size of the list of things I want in my head. I used to get emails from all of my favorite stores, like BR, JCrew, Macys, Nordstrom, etc, but it only made it worse.

So now, since we're strapped for cash.. I just have to suck it up and not shop or even look at clothes online. It has been really hard for me to deal with this addiction. But, when I look at my bills, it makes it just a little bit easier for me to overcome...

Monday, October 26, 2009


I haven't written in a while, but our lives seem so to be a comedy of errors lately, where everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong..

Graham has a confirmed case of swine flu.. And he's down for the count for a couple of days..

We're still waiting to see if my immune system succombs to the mighty swine flu...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from the dead

I swear, we're still alive.

We don't have internet at our house anymore--we sold that stupid ClearWire contract--and I can't log in at work (Big Brother is watching), so I am so behind in everything. I apologize if I haven't read any of your blogs lately, or even called you. Life has been a little crazy around here.

But anyways, thanks to you all for your support. Graham and I are doing well and are learning something new every day about ourselves, as cheesy as that sounds. Marriage isn't easy, I'm learning.. Oh, and we aren't perfect. Another tough thing to learn. Why is it ingrained in my head that I need to put forward a happy face 24/7 and say that everything is perfect?

So yeah, work sucks--I was supposed to work 4 weekends this month, but my co-workers took pity on me and took one of my weekends.

Church is busy.. when I can actually go.

I also had a traumatizing experience recently that I'm not ready to talk about, but I will in time..

Yeah. That's my life.

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