Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Pretty descriptive title right?

We received our invitations yesterday, and.. of course I had to assemble them and prepare them all to be sent out soon. Expect one in the mail soon!
Geez. Great picture quality. I'm really thinking of going into photography to showcase my skills.

I also just found some pictures from our trip to Utah. It was a windy day at temple square and seriously at least 5 couples had gotten married in a 2-hour period. I was rating all of the dresses. We wanted to take some pictures with couples in the background. I didn't like this girl's dress.

Classic Graham shot.

We're so hot right now.

Anyways, that's life and I'm excited for everything coming up in the next few weeks: bridal showers, dress fitting, catering tasting, and Thanksgiving (pie making won't be the same without you Julie!).

Btw, this blog is Sherri's intellectual property. Graham never gets on the internet, much less to even look at my blog. He will never blog... ever. Hah. Oh Graham.


Nead's Est. in 2002 said...

Hi Sherri its Danelle...Congrats on the Wedding...i am so happy for you, and married life is sooo fun. I am going to try and make to your shower here in Cali. See you soon.

Whitney said...

Dear Santa,

Will I ever be seeing an invitation to Sherri's wedding in my own two hands? Will it ever come? That's all I really want for Christmas (and maybe a new pair of socks).

Whitney A. Christopherson

Darren and Tisha said...

I love the invites. Sweet camera, did you get that at the dollar store...tee hee hee

Darren and Tisha said...

HEY WHITNEY----You are a sock theif. SANTA--don't give her any socks, she has plenty, she steals them!!!

Shauna said...

Sherri your invitation is on my fridge and will soon be in my invitiation book.

You look like a foxy lady in the picture. Like literally you look like a fox. the animal.

good dollar store comment tisha. funny.

Lisa said...

I can't quite see the dress, but what I do see, I don't like. What are those funky layers?

p.s. I love your invitations! Mine just came a couple days ago--very nice.

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