Saturday, December 1, 2007


So, I'm going through the temple today for the first time. I'm really excited for the whole experience. I'm expecting... something unexpected I guess. I think it'll be really neat and special.

I bought all of my temple stuff last night. There were so many different kinds of fabrics and styles, so I asked the lady what her opinion was. She would give me a blank look instead of her opinion. I was like HELLO.. I have no idea what I'm doing. My mom was there with me but still.. the worker was of no help at all.

So our parents finally met last night. It was a pretty successful meeting in a good, but not expensive, restaurant called Manzana's Grill right on the lakefront in Lake Oswego. The parents enjoyed swapping stories about crazy kids and their jobs. Now.. all that needs to happen is the meeting of the families. My family is quite older (Graham's oldest brother just turned 25, and my oldest brother is 31 and has 2.5 kids), but I think it'll be ok. I just realized we didn't take any pictures. I always have a camera with me, but I forget to take it out. Oh well.

I got a really cute dress for the rehearsal dinner. Seriously, I hate dresses, but I tried this one on, and I was like dang I look good (meaning SLIM). So yeah, excited for that. Less than 3 weeks!!!

So, Graham wrote a song for me on the piano. He first wanted to call it "The Essence of Beauty" (yes, that's in Zoolander, which he had NEVER seen), but he changed it after watching Zoolander. It's now called "Her Essence".

Graham recorded it at his cousin's own little music studio and added music effects to it. It's awesome, and like 5 minutes long. I love it. Graham is amazing because he will just play music he is making up. He hears the chords and the harmony and just ad libs the songs. He always tells me it's not hard to make up your own songs. Yeah... right.

So, I tried to add the song to my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. Do any of you know how to do it?


Julie Anne said...

No comment on the song. Are we all going to meet at the rehearsal dinner? I don't have anything cute to wear, and I'll just be getting off the plane! hmmm I don't know how this is going to happen. And how my dress is going to get my dress safely home. And my snap pops open over my boob, but I don't want to go to Salt Lake to get it fixed.

Whitney said...

Can't wait to see you soon and her all about the temple. I hope you had a fantastuc day. Good luck with the family stuff.

Alexis said...

Hope the temple experience was great. Just keep going back.

The song sounds amazing. Lucky lady. :)

Also. Very cute dress.

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