Saturday, March 24, 2007


So, we had a multi-stake YSA activity today, participating in this huge Oregon Beach Cleanup all down the coast. I was really excited because I love the coast, and hey.. a free ride, free lunch.. whatever.

It was raining this morning, but I was like.. well just maybe it won't rain today at the beach.

(Fat chance. The Oregon coast is extremely rainy.)

When we finally got there, the rain was a fierce opponent. It was coming down pretty hard with a strong wind. Luckily, a guy from my ward had an extra rain coat for me.

I'm not a natural Oregonian. I can only stand the rain for so long. I was only able to "clean" (I use quotes because the beach had like zero trash on it) for 30 minutes or so.

The wind was CRAZY. I was seriously almost blown over. I'm not less than 100 pounds, but the wind was throwing me around like I was. Plus, I stepped in a creek with my tennis shoes, and almost slipped in the mud.

Maybe I can get some pictures to show you how freaking wet it was there. My jeans were so heavy they were FALLING OFF.

Good thing I didn't flash anybody, but I was wearing cute underwear just in case.

All in all, not the best day for a beach trip.

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Julie said...

My jeans fall off without being wet. Yay me

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