Friday, February 23, 2007

No more drama..

Do you think I should wear a shirt like this?

Am I dramatic?

One girl from school has repeatedly remarked how dramatic I am.

I don't remember the first time she mentioned it, but she mentioned it recently when we were doing a lab class. We had to go in a stinky, small enclosed space with a wretched smell. I had to get out of there quickly because it was just rank! She said, ugh.. you're so dramatic.

Most recently was when a couple of us went out to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. I ordered a $12 personal pizza with red peppers, olives, and onions. They brought me a pizza with olives and mushrooms. First of all, I hate mushrooms AND they forgot my red peppers. So, I asked for something else and I refused to eat my pizza--fungus does not belong on anything I eat. So again, she remarked how dramatic I was being. We were the only ones in the restaurant, so it wasn't like they were busy, so they could afford to make me something else when they messed up my order. Also, I'm not paying that much for a pizza when I have to go around picking stuff off.

This is starting to piss me off. I hardly think I'm dramatic--I only exaggerate when telling stories. Can I say something without sounding petty?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I won't.. I'm Mormon.

So yeah.. I've never had alcohol. That is apparently a surprise to many people.

We try to have dietetic intern get togethers once or twice a month, and usually they are located in bars. So, I went to another Happy Hour on Friday with a couple of girls from school and some of their friends. I was drinking Diet Coke (w/ lime... very exotic), and one girl said, Hey lighten up.. it's Happy Hour! I was like.. ummmm... I don't drink.

Awkward moment.

"So, why not?"

Even more awkward.

"I'm Mormon."

A look of vague recognition fickers across her face. "Oh."

5 minutes later... "So wait a minute... You mean you've never had alcohol?"

"Yeah... Never."

So I proceed to tell her and another girl about the controversial shirts at BYU: "I can't-I'm Mormon." One girl was like, "Well that's not right.. It should be 'I won't-I'm Mormon.'"

Isn't that the attitude we need in this church?

Ch ch ch ch ch ch Changes

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