Friday, June 29, 2007


My family visited me here in Portland.. I was pretty excited to see a bunch of Fechters, and to play with Maren and Braden.

Also, my family was to meet Graham. Intense.

So, Graham and I planned on him being all scrappy, looking like a real Portlander, like one who cares about the environment, drives a Subaru, and doesn't shower. It didn't work out, so he just was normal.

Everything went ok, nothing too weird or embarrassing. But, my mom and brother and his wife lectured me on being too touchy-feely. They said it was hard enough for them to control themselves, and they only dated/were engaged for 3 months before getting married.

I was like ok psychos, we have self-control.. Some people don't get married after knowing each other for only 3 months. Trust me.. we're good. :) Oh, and my brother's wife told me in front of Graham that I should take out my endowments because I'm getting old. I was not happy.. Like that's a real reason!

AND, somebody in my family (my mom refuses to name the source) said I act younger around him. Granted, he is 2 years younger, but I don't act younger, I just act like myself. My family doesn't normally see me interact with friends or boyfriends, so what would they know? It just pisses me off that my family talks crap behind each other backs.

But yeah, it's cool. He's coming home with me over Labor Day to hang out in California.. He's never been!

Here are some pictures... We did a lot over a couple of days!

1. Graham and I at the Japanese Garden. I look super fat.

2. The coast.. It cleared up for an hour or so..

3. Somebody took a picture of my family in front of the Portland temple. You can't see my family or the temple. Thanks stranger.

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Julie Anne said...

You look at little 80's in that picture with Graham. The bangs look a little big. And I can see the temple. Haha who's that bad at taking pictures?

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