Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peculiar? Unique? Special?

Ok, so I know I'm different than other girls.. I pride myself on that.

In fact, I was reading in some of my old journals and I'd said something about finding a guy who values my unique qualities and appreciates the fact I'm different. That quality in a guy had completely been forgotten in my search for the perfect man. I, instead of focusing on what was wrong with the guy or the relationship, would ask "what's wrong with ME?" or "what should I have done?".

Obviously, that was the wrong attitude and I had completely forgotten how special and unique I am.. until recently. My boyfriend and other guy friends have remarked repeatedly that I am different... peculiar even.

I agree.. but how am I so different, and how did I get to be this way?

Things that make me different:
--I hate drama.
--I don't like flowers.. or jewelry.

But really, can any of you help me name the things about me that make me different? I'm at a loss here..


Julie Anne said...

I don't know why I think we're so alike. I'm very dramatic, and I love flowers and jewelry. Apparently I'm not unique. Crap. I don't know what makes you unique other than that. I guess we are different people.

Julie Anne said...

By the way, you can have another friend on your very small friends list over there. Yay

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