Saturday, March 24, 2007


So, we had a multi-stake YSA activity today, participating in this huge Oregon Beach Cleanup all down the coast. I was really excited because I love the coast, and hey.. a free ride, free lunch.. whatever.

It was raining this morning, but I was like.. well just maybe it won't rain today at the beach.

(Fat chance. The Oregon coast is extremely rainy.)

When we finally got there, the rain was a fierce opponent. It was coming down pretty hard with a strong wind. Luckily, a guy from my ward had an extra rain coat for me.

I'm not a natural Oregonian. I can only stand the rain for so long. I was only able to "clean" (I use quotes because the beach had like zero trash on it) for 30 minutes or so.

The wind was CRAZY. I was seriously almost blown over. I'm not less than 100 pounds, but the wind was throwing me around like I was. Plus, I stepped in a creek with my tennis shoes, and almost slipped in the mud.

Maybe I can get some pictures to show you how freaking wet it was there. My jeans were so heavy they were FALLING OFF.

Good thing I didn't flash anybody, but I was wearing cute underwear just in case.

All in all, not the best day for a beach trip.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm slowly dying..

I am getting like NO sleep on weeknights!! First of all, I've been way stressed with school and my thesis stuff. I've also been working out a lot, and am in a really good mood when I get home from the gym.. so I can't fall asleep. The weird thing is, even though I am freaking EXHAUSTED, I have been so wonderfully and amazingly happy.

What the f#$%?

I mean, not like it's a bad thing, just.. weird.

Anyways... this is what it comes down to. I need a man. I keep reminisicing about old boyfriends and it's driving me nuts.

Where all of the the normal, Mormon, Oregonian guys??

Some people might say that's an oxymoron. I just say I'm optimistic.

Big news: I am giving a talk in church on Sunday.. My first in 10 years. That's right bitches.. they're letting me speak to the masses, and by masses I mean about 20 people.

I have some funny stories about the YSA Dance I attended, but that must be saved for another time..

Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm becoming a Portlander..

Signs that I'm truly becoming a Portland resident:

1. I kept looking for recycling bins at Disneyland.

2. I was thinking of ways that Disneyland could be more ecologically responsible.

3. The sun and heat in Southern California just about killed me.

4. I know where all the great bars are in town. (I also know where they have the best Diet Coke's.)

5. I made a vegetarian pizza tonight.

6. The sun shining today put me in the BEST mood.

7. The sound of pattering rain on my window in the morning is very soothing.

I'll let you know if I become a vegan, or get a butch haircut. Hahahaha, neither of those would ever happen..

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