Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm becoming a Portlander..

Signs that I'm truly becoming a Portland resident:

1. I kept looking for recycling bins at Disneyland.

2. I was thinking of ways that Disneyland could be more ecologically responsible.

3. The sun and heat in Southern California just about killed me.

4. I know where all the great bars are in town. (I also know where they have the best Diet Coke's.)

5. I made a vegetarian pizza tonight.

6. The sun shining today put me in the BEST mood.

7. The sound of pattering rain on my window in the morning is very soothing.

I'll let you know if I become a vegan, or get a butch haircut. Hahahaha, neither of those would ever happen..

1 comment:

heidi nielsen said...

Ha! Portland is crazy. I've loved my visits there in the past because the people there are so ridiculous about so many things.

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