Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nice Surprise

So, I have to tell this story because I think it's disgusting and hilarious all at the same time.

So, I went up to the private bathroom on the 2nd floor at work and noticed something weird with the paper toilet seat covers. It looked like someone had torn out 1/2 of the toilet seat covers, so you only would have half of your bum protected on the toilet.

So, I figured I'd do a good deed and tear out the ruined toilet seat protectors/covers until I got to the non-damaged ones.

About 3 toilet seat covers in, I noticed something pink in the wall holder. I thought to myself, hmmm.. weird! I wonder if someone like is trying to smuggle drugs into the hospital by leaving them in a random place like this, stuffed in a pink t-shirt.

So, out of curiousit, I pulled the pink "shirt" out from the toilet seat cover holder, only to find out that it was a pair of dirty underwear... adult-sized, mind you....

Located in said pink underwear was a couple of large turds, plus some definite skid marks/racing stripes/Hershey stains.

For one, the logic of this act is completely beyond my comprehension. There was a large wastebasket in the private bathroom where the turd burglar's underwear could have easily been stashed or hidden. Secondly, was this just a mean joke someone thought to pull on a stranger in the hospital? I mean, the poop was definitely real, but come on.. Let's think with our heads people! So you pooped your underpants.. fine! Toss 'em in the trash!

Which one would have been better to have found in the wall holder? Probably drugs..

Monday, July 5, 2010

just for a change of pace..

So I usually write about silly things Graham does.. for the humor factor. I married a goof and I love it.. mostly.

Anyways, I am so proud of him. He just finished his first full year of school with a gpa of 3.89. This means we qualify for some pell grants and some scholarships. woo hoo! go graham

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