Monday, August 13, 2007

For Whitney

This is for you Whit, since you told me to put some pictures of Graham up here... when, if you look.. there are some on previous blogs... :)

These are the most recent.

The bottom picture is from when Graham and I went hiking at a place called Kah-nee-ta hot springs in Oregon. We both got extremely sunburned, if you didn't notice how pasty I am.. Graham also treated me to as facial there. It was very relaxing..
The top two pictures are from our trip to Seattle for Graham's birthday. Since he likes flying, I took him to the Boeing Future of Flight museum in Everett. We then took a walk around one of the lakes in the area (or it could've been part of Puget Sound?) and talked about the stuff we wished we could do if we had money, like visiting Victoria, British Columbia, taking a ride in a sea-plane, or going to Disneyland.. We topped off the day with the Red Sox vs. Mariners game. Chili cheese nachos for me, footlong hot dog for him. What a night.
I do have a funny story about "chili".. We were at a restaurant, and Graham and I were talking about our choices. I mentioned that one of the items he liked was a vegetarian dish. He was like, "huh.. I thought there was meat in it.. It says 'chile'." Oh Graham.
Oh and btw, Graham does not wear sweaters like that. He tried it on, so I had to take a picture because he looked so good.


Shavs said...

cute sherri. I happen to love a man in a performance fleece zip up. Especially if there are bears on it. HOT.

also nice pose.

Whitney said...

Wonderful photos. I'll look for the others. I'm glad to hear that things are still going well. Scott and I will be in Citrus Heights from Aug 30th to Sept 3. Lets get together.

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