Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wake up call..

So, I'm starting to finally feel what it's going to be like after Graham and I get married..

It's no longer about ME, but US.

My YSA ward has dinner groups once a month, and of course, my apartment is host to these awkward events. So, in comes a bunch of people I don't know, and I'm supposed to socialize with them. It's not like I don't want to--I just don't know them. I'm not like one of those annoying people that only socialize with other couples. I just don't like all the awkward conversations.

Anyways, so.. girls notice I'm engaged, and they only ask questions about Graham, or our story. No longer is anybody interested in Sherri, just Sherri and Graham.

At first, I was entertained by this change in social environment. I was like haha, this is new.

Then I was annoyed. HELLO. I am a separate person and have a whole background story. My life story was not erased when I said "yes" to Graham.

Now, I realize--this is what marriage means. Merging your lives and becoming one as a couple. It's no longer me mE ME. I hope that's only as selfish as I'll ever be.

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Julie Anne said...

Exactly. Why do you think I couldn't actually be in a relationship? It's ALWAYS about me. ALWAYS!!

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