Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why we all need to be less sensitive

I was sitting at a patient's chart the other day, wearing my cute new outfit. I'd post a picture of it, but it wasn't available online. But anyways, it was a cropped sweater with a halter underneath. And, I thought I looked pretty cute.

A CNA walked past smiling, and said to me "Oh, look at your cute tummy."

I turned to her and gave her the look of death. Seriously, I could not have portayed any more hatred in a single look. I stared her down as she continued to walk past me. My blood burned within my veins.

I finally stopped seething long enough to say through gritted teeth, "I'm not pregnant you know."

She didn't reply. She kept walking and kind of gave me a weird look.

I went back to my chart note and tried not to think of the ways I could kill her.

She walked back past me again and said, "And look at your cute shoes!"

My thoughts cleared... Was she complimenting me? So I said to her, "I'm so sorry I gave you the look of death. I thought you were saying how I looked pregnant!"

So we laughed about it pretty hard, because she was in fact saying how cute I looked and how I didn't look fat! She said she had tried on a similar top, and she looked too fat to buy it..

Lesson learned: Don't assume someone is calling you fat just because you think you're fat.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's too late

Sorry guys. I'm becoming a blog slacker.

The truth is, we've been busy. We've gone places, we've had visitors, and we've taken pictures of all of it.

I just can't find our camera cord for the computer dangit.

So I'm avoiding my blog.

You miss me. Admit it.

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