Monday, February 25, 2008

Post-Wedding Update

I've been wanting to post some pictures to let y'all know what Graham and I have been up to since getting married that blessed day in December. (I'll post some pictures of our honeymoon when I get on my laptop sooner or later..)

Valentine's Day:
Our first as a married couple.
I made us a fancy steak dinner with rice pilaf and stuffed zucchini, and we used our fancy Waterford china. Luckily, the food was delicious (my 1st time making steak) and we did not break anything. **Disclaimer: those placemats do not match the china. I received them as a gift and used them basically to protect the china and table from each other, and also to catch any spilled food.**

In one of my foodservice classes at BYU, we learned how to fold napkins in cool and interesting ways (Zoolander anyone?), so I found that lecture and went to town on the napkins. This one is called the "fleur de lis". I also wanted to do this to hide Graham's gift--2 Trailblazers tickets. He didn't even notice when they fell out of the napkin. I had to prompt him by saying, "Oh what was that?!" And really.. how awesome is our china? Thanks mom and Joanna!

The living room:
I put some of my favorite colors together--green and brown. I love the pillows and my "I Like You" hospitality book by Amy Sedaris.

Graham is sitting in his usual position on the couch.. Of course.

You can see our lovely furniture here: DVD tower and TV stand from Target, tables from IKEA, and couch/chair duo from a furniture outlet. It looks comfy, but it gives you really bad static!

Graham's present to me--a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements. It was WAY better (and much more delicious) than a flower bouquet which is USELESS!

I told Julie I'd post some pictures of Graham's brother's new puppy, Frank. He's a Boston terrier and about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Frank fell asleep on me last night--on his back with his legs straight up in the air. Soooo cute... but I still don't want a dog.

Anyways, that's what we've been up to lately.. I cook, Graham eats (he's gained about ~10 pounds since we got married), we watch TV, and talk about going to the gym.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Not tagged and mad about it.

This one's for you Tish, since you were too cool to tag me, and I'm bored.

What is your husbands full name? Graham Rockwell. Good name huh

How long have you been married? 2 months.

Who eats more sweets? Him.. He loves Little Debbies.

Who said I love you first? I did.

How old is he? 22

Who is taller? He is.

Who is smarter? We're smart at different things. He knows how things work, I know pretty much everything else.. So... we're even.

Who can sing better? He knows how to harmonize and sing tenor. He always impresses me.

Who does the laundry? I do.. But I hate going to the laundromat.

Who pays the bills? Both.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. He even makes me sit on his right. I started with him having to sleep on my left, and now it's taken over our lives.

Who mows the lawn? He would if we had a lawn.

Who cooks dinner? I do.. Of course. He makes the pancakes and the grilled cheese.

Who drives? He does. I just think he likes to be in control.

Who kissed who first? Him. He first kissed me in a church parking lot. Classy.

Who asked who out? He'll give you a different story, but he did. I was just an excellent flirt.

Who has more siblings? He has 5 and I have 4.

Who wears the pants? I have him wrapped around my little finger, but we make decisions together.

Next post--pictures!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Graham is hottest

This post is dedicated to the best husband ever. It also coincidentally occurs on Valentine's Day. Seriously guys.. I'm getting free Wi-fi at a burger place.

So these pictures demonstrate the uniqueness that defines my Graham.
1) Goofy
2) Willing to try on cheerleading shorts (that was before we were even dating)
3) Pensive
4) Caring
I was inspired by his willingness to make me breakfast in bed without me even asking. On Sunday, he woke up before me and started making me toast and eggs.
We finally got our wedding video and he almost "lost it" while watching it.
He cleans the apartment while I'm gone.
He never complains about the food I make (which he shouldn't do anyways because I cook practically every night). He's even gained 9 pounds since being married.
He gave me a foot and shoulder rub the other night. He sure knows how to please a lady. ;)
He loves me so much and doesn't get annoyed when I get hyper or start talking with a Russian accent.
Anyways, I hit the jackpot with Graham and I love being married!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Portland SUCKS

I don't know if any of you remember this event from last year, but my car was broken into AGAIN! This time, it happened in a church parking lot yesterday.

The passenger window was broken again to get into the car. Nothing valuable was in the car, so I'm going to catalog all of the stupid things that were stolen:

--mp3 player cover
--spare tampon
--cell phone charger
--my CD collections (including my crap CD case that had musical gems such as the Space Jam soundtrack, Master P's single "Make em say UHHH", and an EFY CD)
--silk headband from Nordstrom
--lecture series on CD about marriage
--car registration
--emergency car kit (with jumper cables and flares)

Things that were left:
--my insurance info
--my Winnie the Pooh key chain (he's dressed like a turtle)... Ummm, I got this when I was like 15 or 16 ok?
--my 24 Hour Fitness stuff (thank goodness this thief isn't going to be exercising on my dime)
--two hard-bound masters theses books
--a large stack of CDs left in the console under the stereo
--Victoria's Secret "Pink" perfume

Ok, so I was so mad I almost threw the glass bottle of perfume on the ground. But, I held it in (i.e. in a church parking lot) and cried angrily. ARRRRGH. $165 window for what? For a crappy CD collection and jumper cables?! Really?!!!

On the lighter side, I wanted to blog about our life together as a newlywed couple in Portland. That means, we're poor, we clip coupons, and go to crappy restaurants.

You might wonder.. why eat out if you have to eat at crappy restaurants?

The thing is... we don't know they're crappy until it's too late.....

Case in point: Serrano's in Gresham (a ghetto town east of Portland, very close to us).. a Mexican restaurant (there are a lot of Hispanics in the area, should be good food).. coupon for "buy one entree, get one free". Good deal right?

1st warning: Nobody is in the restaurant besides the hostess.

2nd warning: The hostess/waitress is Asian... in a Mexican restaurant.

3rd warning: Nobody is coming in the restaurant.

4th warning: The waitress brings Graham a Sierra Mist after he says he wants a Dr. Pepper, and doesn't correct the order.

5th warning: After ordering our food, we hear no chattering from the cooks in the kitchen. Our hostess/waitress is also the cook.

6th warning: When the hostess/waitress/cook is in the "kitchen", we don't hear any sizzle from the grill (Graham ordered fajitas). Instead, we hear beep beep beep.... a MICROWAVE.

To sum up the horror story, we ended up with lukewarm disgusting food heated in the microwave. By far, the WORST Mexican restaurant I've ever been to in my entire life.

We ended up stopping at Taco Bell on the way home. So much for coupons huh?

Ch ch ch ch ch ch Changes

One thing is for sure about this home building process.. There will be changes! Quick Update : drywall is nearly done. Our project manager...