Friday, September 21, 2007

Wedding Planning

So I've gotten several requests for some updates on my future wedding..

Ok, so my budget isn't the highest. It doesn't quite allow for me to do all the things I want to do. I wanted a cocktail party style reception with high tables and some light music in the background. However, due to budget restraints (the low tables are free, high tables are not), that idea was cancelled. I would like a pianist playing some music, like some Brian McKnight, in the background.. But, due to budget constraints and reception site constraints, that idea was scratched. Poo.

However, many things have gone well..

I found my dress at a random bridal shop in Folsom. I have to get sleeves added, but still, I will be absolutely gorgeous in it. And, I haven't seen anyone wear a dress that looks like it. I have will have back piece two-layer veil that will come down to my fingertips. I'm going to have my hair up, with a ribbon at the top instead of a tiara or sparkly headpiece.

My reception is NOT in a cultural hall, although I do like balloons in the basketball hoops. Barf. We're having our California reception at the Folsom Rotary Clubhouse. We found an absolutely beautiful church in Portland that looks like an English tudor mansion, and the cultural hall is not a basketball court. It isn't our ward's building, so we have to do some negotiating.

I have linens, candles, and flower centerpieces. My bridesmaids are going to have ivory bouquets--gerbera daisies. Simple and elegant. Mine is going to be burgundy with roses and lilies. Of course, the modest bridesmaid dresses I found are out of certain sizes, so... Arrrgh. I hate looking for modest dresses! There aren't many that don't look like flight attendant uniforms! And, the ones that don't cost more than $300.

I'm going to have a three-tier square cake with fondant. There are going to be swirly designs on the sides, and one side has buttons going down to mirror the buttons on my dress. Then, on the top of the cake, our initials are going to be in sugar, held up on sticks. The sticks will be covered up by some burgundy roses.

As for the food, it's going to be hors d'oeuvres for a light meal. We can't quite decide on what the beverages will be.

Graham and I are going to be spending our first night together in a luxury bed and breakfast in Sacramento (Inn at Parkside). Our lil honeymoon will be spent in San Fran (the Westin Union Square) until Christmas Eve. We plan on going to Hawaii (Kuaui) for a real honeymoon after I graduate in June.

Anyways, I've been planning like CRAZY and it's like almost all done! Yay!


Darren and Tisha said...

SOUNDS SO GREAT! I am so excited.

Shavs said...

i hope i can swing a trip home....freak.

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