Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I detest...

Just for the sake of ranting a bit, I am making a list of things I absolutely detest… without good reason. I just can’t explain my hatred of these items, so I’m just putting this list out there. Sorry if this list includes you or something you do. I can’t help it.

--Cars that look like toasters.

--The stickers you put on cars that indicate how many members of your family you have (I’ve seen turtles, flip flops, etc); little cartoon drawings of your family members (I’ve seen one of a family that the 3-year old boy is throwing a football. Seriously? The kid is just learning how to write letters, let alone play football.); or the Disney family stickers with the family wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Gag. Oh, if these stickers are put on a toaster-car, that means we could never be friends. Ever.

--Along with the last one, Disney freaks.

--Those shoes with separate holes for each toe. I think they’re called Vibram Finger something? They’re like a combination of 2 things I hate: toe socks and Crocs.

--Two-piece bathing suits for babies and little girls. I also strongly dislike topless or naked baby photos. Unless the baby is being born or in a bath, it’s just kind of weird to me.

--Hawaiian leis or graduation tassels hanging from a rearview mirror.

--The use of excessive exclamation points and capital LeTTers!!!!

--People who constantly update their status on Facebook. I try to limit mine to 2 posts per week, 3 on a busy one.. but seriously.. do you need to update more than once in a day??

--Stuffed animals in car windows. Just a simple question.. why?

I'll probably add to this at some point.. but it had to be said.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Carter's going to be a big brother!

Hahaha.. just kidding. I was just trying to catch your attention! I thought with all of the pregnant women I know right now that I'd fit right in.

Anyways, no, not pregnant. Not in the plans for a few years until Graham is done with school..

I’ve been slacking about blogging about our family’s activities way too much! Since most of you live far away and have little chance to see Carter in person or get to know him, I’m going to try to describe his personality so you can feel like you know him a little bit.

--Carter is a mischievous boy. He loves to do things that may “get him in trouble”. He knew he wasn’t supposed to press the cable box buttons, but he would stand in front of it and pretend he wasn’t going to touch anything. Then, he would crouch down and sneakily touch the buttons and pop back up, laughing hysterically. Graham ended up putting a clear Plexiglas cover over the cable box, so the joke is on you Carter.

--Along with the first trait, Carter loves to play and has a good sense of humor. He loves to be chased and sneak up on mommy with dad. He once was hiding behind the door in his room, playing hide and seek with Graham. When Graham poked his head around the door, Carter hit him in the face with a dirty diaper that was on the floor.

--Now that Carter is walking, all he wants to do is walk. No playing with trucks, no puzzles, no stories.. just walking. He does laps around our kitchen and living room, stopping along the way to open cabinets and cupboards and exploring the unknown.

--His favorite words now are “thank you”, “uh oh”, and “amen”. He finally says mommy!

--He semi-folds his arms for prayers, which is adorable. He knows baby signs, like “want”, “more”, “all done/gone”, and walks to the fridge if he wants some milk.

--Carter is actually a cautious child, which is strange considering he is Graham’s son. He will army crawl up to the top of the stairs and peer down, never letting go of the top stair with his hands. I guess his caution is why he didn’t walk until 14 months old!

--He loves to drink the water from his toothbrush every night, which is kind of disgusting.

--When he is tired, he is DONE with everything. He will fuss, close the book we’ve been reading, and point to his bed. No singing or humming is allowed once he’s done this.. believe me—I’ve tried.

--Morning Carter is my favorite Carter. He’ll play in his crib usually until we get him, mumbling in his crazy baby talk or sometimes repeatedly calling out “daddy”. He is all smiles, and will sometimes play tag in his crib (i.e. he will run/crawl from us when we try to pick him up). He also likes to pretend to go back to sleep. He’ll lie down, grab his blanket and turn on his sound machine giraffe.

--Carter is a skinny little guy! At his 15 month appt, he was only 19.2 lbs (<3rd percentile) and 31 inches (50th percentile). He gained enough weight that he doesn’t need to see a Dietitian (like I would go see one anyways hah), but he’s just a little guy. His head circumference continues to be in the 50th percentile, so Graham calls Carter a balloon, like Mr. Mackey on South Park.

--Carter’s favorite foods: cheese, chocolate (of course), beans, and bread. Dislikes: deli meat, pork, and pasta (I mean seriously, what kid doesn’t like pasta??).

Anyways, I’ll keep updating as much as I can.

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