Monday, August 6, 2007

Food Snob?

It's no surprise.. I'm obsessed with food (check out my "guilty pleasures" in previous blog).. I talk about food all day with patients, I think about calorie trade-offs and recipes throughout the day, and I love to plan menus.

I have come to the realization lately that I'm becoming a food snob. Not a foodie--I really don't cook fancy stuff--just a snob.

Graham and I went grocery shopping the other day together. Graham.. oh poor Graham.. doesn't have many cooking skills, and doesn't have much of a discerning palate, so his purchases were as follows: white bread, hot dogs, pop-tarts, australian muffins (they're supposedly like english muffins), and hot dog buns. I was totally grossed out. I've tried to help him, but.. what can I say? He likes his American food. He likes canned vegetables and fruit, which have no nutritional value at all.. You might as well just eat poop.

Mind you.. One time Graham offered to "make" me dinner at his house. He got out BOXED Asian food, similar to ramen. I took one look and said, uh.. we're going out.

**Granted, Graham has made me real food before (i.e. lasagna, fried chicken, frostbitten hamburgers, etc), but this was disgusting. It reminds me of another time that he offered to bring home some take-out... and he came home with crusty fried chicken, corn dogs, and some jo jo's (fried potatoes) from Safeway's deli. You should've seen my face. We laugh about this a lot.**

So now, I plan the meals.. he helps me make them.

Anyways, that's my blogggggg. I might update later this week, but I am going home this weekend, and need to prepare to that. So, hold your buns folks--it might be another week until I blog again.


Julie Anne said...

I was pretty much blogging at the time you commented. But nothing special. my life is too exciting to blog about

Shavs said...

im like you sher. i have some strict food guidelines. Like for instance, i dont and wont eat leftovers. yeah i made a dijornio pizza today (healthy, yum) and i ate one and a half slices and threw away the rest. Yes, i could of easily found someone to finish it off, but if i dont eat leftovers, why do i want others eating them? gross.

and yes i am in Dallas, but just on a business trip. I go back to Provo on the 26th.

Whitney said...

Um, be very aware of how you two work out your food differences. From experience, being the food Nazi is not enjoyable. Graham's food choices sound hilarious. He sounds like a white, American, male. I loved the food anecdotes. I want to see a picture of him, come on.

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