Thursday, July 19, 2007

Neurotic much?

I need a haircut..
I told myself I wouldn't get my bangs cut again until my hair is long.

How I wear my hair every day..
I hate my arms.

I'm a worrier.. Listen to my latest..

My mom had stick straight hair like mine until she turned 24... (She had also just had her first child.) Her mom had straight hair until she had kids in her mid 20s..

So, I am deathly afraid of my hair turning curly. I don't DO my hair. I wash it, comb it, and that's it. If I had curly hair, I'd probably die.

So, I have become increasingly more aware of changes in my hair. I seriously started freaking out a few months ago because I thought my hair was going wavy.

The solution: I changed the way I wrap my turbie-twist (yes, I use those and they are very handy), and my hair stopped being weird.

Lately, I have been pulling any hair off my head that is semi-wavy. There's been a larger number of them.... dun dun dun....

Anyways, here are some recent pictures from my new camera.

Julie and I at Haystack Rock.
Again, I hate my arms.

Graham and I with his best impression of a smile.
I'm just lucky he doesn't look constipated.

I just noticed he had a scar on his forehead..
I made it into a Harry Potter scar.
Surprisingly, he wouldn't leave the house like that.

Here's us waiting for Harry Potter.

Again, I hate my arms with a passion.

All right kids.. Nap time.


Julie Anne said...

I look like I'm 5 in the last picture. Please mommy! Take me to Harry Potty!!

Darren and Tisha said...


Shavs said...

yeah the harry potter thing, im not going to lie, i dont understand it. but im glad you have that passion in you.

also your boyfriend is darling. way to go, sher. now lets just find me one?

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