Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well, I have good news: I currently have a 4.0 in grad school. Based on my 3.3 GPA from undergrad, this is unexpected. I worked hard enough in my Biostatistics course to get an A. This is, well.. validation for me since I was rejected from 2 grad schools: University of Washington and Boston University. IN YOUR FACE!

Well, I am back in Folsom right now. I flew in last night on Horizon Airlines, which, by the way, nobody should fly on. Talk about crappy customer service and delayed flights. Death. Luckily, I had my new laptop with me to entertain me in the airport. I finally got a laptop, and with it came several lectures from my parents about the dangers of laptops: THEFT!

"Oh yes, Sherri, don't leave it around. People will steal it."

Thank you parents.

I am home all alone in my parents' house, which is really weird since I've only lived in this house for 2 summers. I was all creeped out last night by weird noises, and checked the whole house before going to sleep. I know this is very interesting to all of you, but I have even more exciting news: my parents bought a timeshare in Hawaii. My parents are crazy sometimes. My dad complains about my mom spending too much money, and then they go out and do something like this. Crazy!

Anyways, my cousing is having a bridal shower today. She met a guy at a Renaissance fair and they hit it off apparently. I don't know if she's ever had a boyfriend, so.. this is good. I hope the shower will be Renaissance-themed. I could chew a turkey leg if given one.

Happy holidays!

Monday, November 27, 2006


This afternoon, I walked out of OHSU hospital and.. surprise.. had to hold on to the stair rail to avoid slipping down the snow covered stairs.

It snowed!

Granted, I do go to school on a hill (see picture on the right), so it's obvious that some extreme weather may come my way. But, this sucks!

I moved away from Utah to get away from the snow, and now this.. Interesting.

Anyways, just thought you'd all like to know about something new.

P.S. Here is the view from my school.
Awesome right.

P.P.S. I forgot to mention one more oddity that I've experienced since being here--an earthquake! Yes folks, I moved from California to survive an earthquake here in Oregon. Ok, so it was only a 2.5 or so, but it was still cool.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well hello there

So, as I've read people's fun little blogs, I've gotten a little jealous on the creativity and humor displayed in these blogs. So, I will try my hardest to be creative and funny.

Anyways, I shouldn't be writing or starting one of these things right now. I am meeting with my master's advisor tomorrow and should have read about 50 pages of study protocols and stuff to discuss with her. As you can see, the reading is not too exciting. I'll be doing my thesis on the effect a low-carb diet has on bone mineral density in obese patients. I like bone mineral research, so at least I can enjoy that. Luckily, my advisor is really nice and helpful, so that is really appreciated in such an endeavor.

Something that has gotten on my nerves lately is the fact that my roommate uses my stuff. I mean, like everything. To all of you that don't know my roommate situation, it's a little awkward. I am renting a room from a recently divorced couple, so I have a male (the ex) roommate, and a single female roommate. My single female roomie, who will anonymously be termed as "O", has a problem called share-osis. I started noticing that certain shower items were disappearing at an alarming rate, such as my expensive facial exfoliator and my facial wash. I mean really, fine, use my Pantene Pro-v, but don't use my facial wash! I thought I was just being paranoid, so I didn't think of it. Then one Sunday, I made my yummy Taco Soup; it's so good I offered a taste to my roommate. She had some. Then, when put into tupperware for the next few days, 3/4th of the leftovers in the fridge disappeared. Maybe I had overestimated the amount in the fridge. Or, more likely, the soup melted into the plastic. Anyways, MY ROOMMATE ATE MY FOOD.. including my Tillamook ice cream (which, by the way, is the best kind out there).

Anyways, so I turned into this paranoid beast, placing my shower supplies in special ways to make sure they hadn't been moved.. checking my milk levels.. watching my back for the vulture flying over my shoulder waiting for my next kill. So, I noticed something of mine in the shower, completely left ajar when I hadn't used it in days.. I took it out of the shower just to show her who's boss. This weekend, my suspicions were confirmed of her share-osis condition. I stupidly offered her some food when she messed up her Sunday dinner. Guess who ate it while I was gone today? AND, the ultimate betrayal.. I saw a female sanitary product (yes, a tampon wrapper) in the trash can today, and I was like hmm.. "O" doesn't have that brand. So, I looked in the cabinet and the drawers, and ALAS.. She does not! AND, I only have ONE left. The beast has consumed MY products, without me EVER offering!

Maybe you think me to be a paranoid/crazy/anal lady, but this story is true. I cannot wait until I move out to a place where my roommates don't use my stuff when I'm not looking.

Here is a picture of what I look like lately, since I haven't seen anybody I know in months.. I got my haircut by a random hairstylist here who is a freaking genius. Gina @ Bliss Day Spa. She made it look like I got my hair re-colored. She is amazing, and I will go back. Ok, yes my hair doesn't look THAT great in this picture, but whatever. I know what you're thinking.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment...

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