Monday, May 28, 2007

Perfect Match

Ok, I have never been in a relationship, or even gone out with another guy who's been such a perfect match for me.. EVER.


--He's cheesy, just like me.. We're going on cheesy dates, like a picnic by the river, and next we're going on a tandem bike ride in Portland... wearing matching green striped shirts.
--He's goofy and can make me laugh about the stupidest things.. We had a BBQ with old, frostbitten hamburgers and moldy buns, and we laughed forever about our luck.
--He has an awesome family and really values his relationships with his family members.
--He thought I was out of his league.
--He tells me a lot how beautiful I am.
--He teases me, but not in a mean way.
--We were talking about him being back from his mission for 9 months, and he was like, I know.. it sucks. I asked why. He said, it sucks that it took that long to find you.. (Reference the first fact haha..)

Seriously.. can it get any better?


Julie Anne said...

oh sick. You are cheesy

Whitney said...

Whoa, is this for real? And is this the guy you told me about who served in Guam? What the heck is going on. I really want to know.

P.S. I have a blog. It kind of stinks.

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