Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #2

So everyone, I decided to do Stitch Fix again.. I wanted to give it another try to see if they could open more horizon a little bit. Pretty much, I only buy clothes from Banana Republic, LOFT, and Nordstrom (if they're lucky), so I've been in a rut. Also, someone used my referral ID from my blog (THANK YOU whoever you are!), so I had $25 in clothes credit to use.

Anyways, I linked my Pinterest clothing board to my style profile, and they took my requests to heart. They totally rocked my Fix! So, here's my review of my 2nd Fix. And, just so you all know what life is really like for me, after I tried on all my pretty clothes, took a million pictures, and started blogging, do you know what I look like? I am eating Sloppy Joes with my fingers at my computer desk, wearing old Wal-Mart green pajama capris with my BYU sweatshirt, trying to type while Carter watches Cars downstairs (don't judge--the kid loves the line "turn your lights on, your moron!" Oh, and at least we've weaned him off Talladega Nights), AND my pajama pants are now stained by Sloppy Joes. Classy.
Warning: a majority of these pictures are selfies taken with my iPhone in my bathroom. Honestly, they're better than my freaking webcam, which is terrible. Until Carter grows up and learns how to use my Canon Rebel, this is all I can get. And, can I just say how easy iCloud makes transferring photos from my phone onto my blog/computer? Amazing.

Here are my box contents. 1 skirt, 2 blouses, 1 blazer, and 1 silver statement necklace. Not too much color, but I can easily add color (aka, my cardigan collection).

Outfit #1: 41Hawthorn Rectangle Cluster Statement Necklace, as well as the Lasome Jay Houndstooth Printed Skirt (green sweater and blue button-up blouse by Banana Republic)

Verdict: LOVE love love this necklace! Totally me! Skirt--loved it too! It had an elastic waistband, and it wasn't a pencil skirt, but it still worked for me. It didn't give me muffin top at all, which is surprising. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I can easily use both of these pieces in my work and casual wardrobe.

Outfits #2 and 3: Collective Concepts Rilo Arrow Print Shoulder Stud Blouse (ankle pants from Banana Republic and pencil skirt from LOFT)

 I was really trying to show the arrow studs on the shoulder in this one..
I don't have a full-length mirror in the house, so I found Carter's counter stool to make me a little taller and show off my legs outfit.

Verdict: It was a little tight in the arms and chest, but I had to keep it, especially when I saw it with my pencil skirt.

Outfits #4 and 5: Renee C Rossi Polka Dot Print Neck-Tie Blouse (with pants from Banana Republic and skirt from Ann Taylor)

 Showing a back view. Um, these pants are a little tight.. yikes. Why, yes, I do wear bright pink pants to work! I figured after all the crap that happened this summer, I may as well wear happy clothes even if I'm not happy.

I was actually looking for a cream and black shirt to go with this emerald/turquoise pencil skirt, and this top definitely came in handy. It's like they read my mind!

Verdict: Keeper, although, again, it's a little tight in chest/shoulders. However, I do not care. A cream shirt with polka dots and a neck tie? Hellz yes. Ok, so maybe that statement isn't really me, but the shirt is.

Outfit #6: 41Hawthorn Toshi Contrast Detail Blazer
 I wish these pictures could fully illustrate my discomfort! I'm only smiling because I'm laughing.
Where's Chris Farley when you need him? "Fat guy in a little coat..." Also, in this last picture, that is not an eyebrow piercing, but actually dirt on my mirror. I included it for humor's sake.

Verdict: Pass, although I wish I could keep it. Blazers are good in theory, but for a girl like me with broad shoulders, bigger arms, and a full ribcage and chest, they don't often work.

In summary, this was an awesome Stitch Fix. My wallet will have to take a break for a while, but I will be back! Oh, and don't forget, if you want to try Stitch Fix, use my referral link.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another fitness update

If you can read the time stamp on this blog update, you'll see that I am up wayyy too late on a weeknight. But, Carter is at his grandparents' house, I don't have work tomorrow, and I drank 2 cans of Diet Pepsi after 9 PM. That was a bad choice...

Anyways, as I have made clear in previous blogs, I've been working out steadily for about 18 months now. The only barrier was the viral death barfing experience I had last month, which sidelined me for about 5 days. My weight loss has maintained around 21-24 pounds, and I haven't noticed any major changes in getting smaller. However, my muscles have definitely gotten tighter, especially in my shoulders and chest.

Since I've been working out in public, I've had to invest in more workout clothes. My old cheerleading short shorts weren't appropriate (major crotch shot), so I found Gap's athletic clothing line, Athleta, which is amazing. I also found out the hard way that bangs are not workout-friendly, so I found this awesome headband line called "Sweaty Bands", which have changed my life. I now call them magic bands because they magically stay on my head throughout my whole workout, which hasn't been possible with any other headband until now.

So, here are some updated pictures of me:

I wish I was thinner, but I am way better off now than I was even last summer. Ugh, broad shoulders...

And me with a better close-up of the headband:
I think I need more of these headbands.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Finding joy in life's simplicity

So, I guess I'm coming back with another semi-serious blog. Maybe a little boring for some, but I've been thinking about things a bit. Anyways, what inspired this blog was this weekend. I had an amazing weekend. What did I do exactly that made my weekend amazing?


Nothing special, that is.

Graham came to visit, like he does most weekends. I baked America's Test Kitchen coffee cake muffins (which were amazing, by the way.. so amazing that Carter asked for more than one) for breakfast, we ran errands for a few hours (Target, Costco, and Winco), and headed back home for Carter's nap. We chilled at home for a few hours, attended a kids' consignment sale, and took Carter to the park. On Sunday, we went to church, watched a movie, and had an amazing dinner (if you have to know, Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff with buttered noodles, and peach cobbler for dessert). Although none of these activities sound particularly exciting, I had the cheesiest smile on my face Sunday night. I felt at peace with the world. But, the thing I couldn't figure out was why was I so happy?

I finally put my finger on it this morning as Graham chased Carter around the house, trying to wrangle him into his clothes. This was life. Normal life. And I've been missing it dearly.

It's been so strange for the past 5 months, being alone with Carter. I've been trying to keep him busy, help him grow and learn, and trying to help him understand why his daddy can't be home all the time. I've been working out a lot outside of the home, which was not present in my previous life. So, I've basically been living in this dream-like state for the past 5 months, kind of wishing and hoping that this really wasn't the way things had to be. I've missed my old life.. having someone to come home to, someone else to help out, someone to take care of, someone to take care of me, and of course, having our whole family together. And this weekend filled that void.

When Carter was a baby, our "going out" nights included trips to Target and/or Costco. Those were the highlights of our week. Now that Carter's older and, sigh, wants to push the cart in every store we go, I avoid going to these stores with Carter alone. So, it's nice to have someone as backup to control the toddler beast in stores. I just really enjoyed doing all of the things that were present in my previously normal life.

I feel like I am finally learning how to appreciate the things I have. This whole situation has put things into perspective for me.. about what is truly important in my life.. family. And I need to enjoy it while I have it.

Carter is slowly teaching me this as well. Children live in a much more simple world. A simple frog, siren of an ambulance, wheel on a truck, or cloud in the sky can absolutely enrapture my child. We went on vacation to San Diego, and although we had an amazing time, you know what Carer's favorite things were? His cousins, running and jumping around, playing in the sand, and pushing his umbrella stroller everywhere. Did we need to go to the zoo or Legoland for entertainment? No, he was perfectly happy with running around, especially with his cousins. The way Carter enjoys the simple things in life has reminded me to stop what I'm doing and enjoy the moment.

Friday night, after we got back from swimming at the Y, my workout class afterwards, and a quick trip to the grocery store, I was exhausted. I just wanted to eat my dinner and veg out on the couch while Carter played with blocks. But no, since he's an only child, he sometimes refuses to play on his own. He wanted to play cars with me, and he wanted to play with them on my chair.. which meant I had to get out of my chair. I begrudgingly got out of my chair and let Carter play cars, alone, on my chair while I sat on the couch. I didn't feel guilty at the time, but having Carter ask to sleep with me put me in my place. Later that night as Carter was sleeping, I kissed his sleeping angel face and promised him that I would try harder to enjoy the little things in life, including playing cars even when I'm too tired to stand.

And so, that's exactly what I did this weekend. Do I still have a pile of clean laundry waiting to be put away? Yes. Are my counters clean? No. Did I play with my son and let him know that he is worth my time? Yes, and that's what counts.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Yeah, about that.....

So, I've been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks. We took a family trip to San Diego over Labor Day weekend, and I've still been trying to get back into the groove.

Anyways, I'll post again soon. Until then... Here's us in San Diego..

Ch ch ch ch ch ch Changes

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