Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I won't.. I'm Mormon.

So yeah.. I've never had alcohol. That is apparently a surprise to many people.

We try to have dietetic intern get togethers once or twice a month, and usually they are located in bars. So, I went to another Happy Hour on Friday with a couple of girls from school and some of their friends. I was drinking Diet Coke (w/ lime... very exotic), and one girl said, Hey lighten up.. it's Happy Hour! I was like.. ummmm... I don't drink.

Awkward moment.

"So, why not?"

Even more awkward.

"I'm Mormon."

A look of vague recognition fickers across her face. "Oh."

5 minutes later... "So wait a minute... You mean you've never had alcohol?"

"Yeah... Never."

So I proceed to tell her and another girl about the controversial shirts at BYU: "I can't-I'm Mormon." One girl was like, "Well that's not right.. It should be 'I won't-I'm Mormon.'"

Isn't that the attitude we need in this church?

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Darren and Tisha said...

I love that it took a non-member to say that awesome quote. I am glad that you blogged. What is new?

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