Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My best friend

Ok, so as many of you know.. I love food.

I love cooking, I love watching cooking shows, and I love reading cookbooks. Being married to someone who loves food has just made my obsession even worse. I pore over cookbooks looking for something new to try. I'm obsessed with trying new recipes.. but I do make and re-make some of Graham's favorites, like shepard's pie, taco soup, roasted pork tenderloin, etc..

Anyways, let me get straight to the point..

I have found a new best friend. It's called The New Best Recipe cookbook.

The authors in this book detail how they made the "best recipe" ever.. It may not be interesting to those of you that don't enjoy cooking or food science, but it helps if your recipes fail in the kitchen.

The best part is that every single recipe I've made from this book is seriously delicious. Our favorites are: beef stew, stuffed bell peppers, warm spinach salad w/ bacon dressing, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, focaccia bread, lemon cheesecake, strawberry shortcakes.. among others.

If you are looking for a new cookbook for your repertoire, consider this cookbook. You will not be disappointed.


Shauna said...

im buying it. thanks!

BILL said...

That is awesome! I would say I am in the same boat as you. Ever since Andrea was 2 months pregnant I have cooked on a regular basis and enjoy so much having people over to try my new recipes. In fact, I will post the newest recipe I made this past sunday for you to give it a try. Thanks.

Shannon said...

Very fun. I am always looking for new meals to try. I'm not a great cook, but someone has to feed the family so I'm learning. :) I would love a post of your top three recipes or any recipes that you have found that may be kid friendly. I'm slowly amassing an arsenal of meals. Anyway, thanks for the cookbook recommendation. I'll check it out.

Tyler said...

Stuffed bell peppers, mmmmmmmm. And focaccia bread. I realize this comment doesn't mean anything but that I'm hungry right now.

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