Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Currently unemployed

Ok, so I've never been in this position before.. where I officially have nothing to do and nothing that I "should" be working on.. And I'm BORED already.

--How do you spend the hours of your day?

I've been applying for jobs, but have only heard back from ones that require more than one year experience. Apparently, having a master's degree only counts for ONE-YEAR of experience for jobs. I was starting to get really ticked off because this practically puts me at the same level as a recent internship graduate with no higher degree and no experience. Ok, so getting a master's isn't exactly experience, but it means a couple of things.. 1) I'm smart (no conceit there), 2) I'm dedicated, 3) I have plenty of self-directed work experience, and 4) I have student loans I need to pay off.

Really, I think a higher degree should count as 2 years experience.. otherwise, how am I supposed to get a job without experience? And, does the compensation match the "level" of experience? Anyways, I'm not snobbish about having a master's.. I just want a good job and to really get a good monetary return on my investment. ARGH.

So yeah, I don't have much to do during the day, besides applying and looking for jobs.. I've already done all of the filing in the house.. I worked out for 2 hours today, and I tanned. I also made cookies for a church activity.

--Question: Do any of you recommend a certain workout video? I think I need to vary my routine.

All right.. that's it. There is NOTHING good on TV and Graham is playing basketball. Boo.


Alexis said...

I am also finally done with grad school and unemployed. I've been looking for jobs, but I only want something part time because of the babe, which makes it difficult.

Anyway, how about a hobby? I've started sewing. ha.

Good luck with the job hunt.

Sarah said...

You could scrapbook, organize stuff, etc. I always have plenty of that to do. You could garden, go to a museum, check out a new book at the library, check out farmer's markets, or go to a matinee. Hehe. Those are all the things I would like to do if I had more time. It gets boring though. If you are at home you want to work. If you are at work you are dying to be at home. That's just the way we all drive ourselves crazy to ensure we never feel completely happy with our present situation. It works out pretty well for us too.

Sarah said...

Oh, and by the way. This is my last day off (4 day work week) until March or something. I'm starting my practicum on Monday. So, my four day work week will now be 5 again plus 1 and a half classes. Stinks. But, it should be worth it. I'm really really sad this is my last work day off though. I just do not know what to do with myself. I might just waste it all day worrying about it. So far I've done the dishes...and wasted 45 min. online. I'm going to go get some reading done. I had so many plans for my day off, appointments, organize my room, organize paperwork, deal with the yard, practice music, finish my scarf I've been knitting for about 2-3 years, watch movies, read books I've wanted to read, make bread...and I haven't really done any of that. I'm going to go cry now. Bye.

Sue said...

Why don't you help me with family history? I'm joining Ancestry.com next month.

Shannon said...

Good luck with the job hunt. I HATE looking for jobs. Ugh. Something awesome will turn up though, it always does.
I totally love this cheesy workout video called "Donna Richardson's 3 Day Rotational Workout" It has 20 minutes kickboxing, weight/strength training and dance party. I NEVER do the dance party because it's lame and doesnt feel like I get a good enough workout. But I do the other ones all the time and I really like them. I have bought others over the years, but I always come back to Donna Richardson (I started doing her TAPE back in high school and plan on doing it again tomorrow). :)

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