Friday, June 13, 2008

Do I look like a pioneer?

Ok, I don't know how many of you have experienced one of these activities, or even heard of one..

Graham and I were asked to be a "ma and pa" on our stake's annual TREK.

This means, we both have to wear pioneer clothes and haul a wagon and possibly some oxen (?) in the mountainous terrain around Portland with a "family" of 13-17 year olds.

A man who's in our ward, who's also in the stake presidency, recommended us for the job. Apparently, we impressed him and he really likes us. But really--Graham has pioneer potential, but what about me?

1) I've never squatted to go to the bathroom in my whole life. I'm not about to start.
2) I like air conditioning.
3) I hate dresses, and I totally hate bonnets.
4) I appreciate a real stove and a refrigerator.
5) I love my bed, down comforter, and down pillows.

My mom is making me a pioneer outfit. She's made me one before--I had a speaking/singing role as Mary in the play about Tom Sawyer in 6th grade. I wish I had a picture of me in this outfit to show you all, but I don't.. So yeah, it's a good thing my mom can sew or I'd be wearing just a smelly old dress from Goodwill. Graham has to wear suspenders. Ha ha.

Needless to say, this will be interesting..


Sarah said...

I went on a pioneer trek as a youth and there were port-a-potties (or whatever they're called).

Sarah said...

Oops, I accidentally posted that comment before I finished. Anyways, it was really really fun. The people that had a bad time had not so fun ma's and pa's. We pushed handcarts and my dress got caught in the wheel and ripped my dress, but almost pulled my leg under the wheel or something dangerous like that. It was scary. Anyways, it was really really fun and you should be excited about it. It was like the best youth conference I've ever been to. I think you'll have a great time! GET excited! Pioneer treks rock!

Katie said...

Ha ha! :) Have fun squatting!

Shannon said...

Have to be honest, I am not jealous. Our stake did a trek last year for youth conference, but I had just gotten put into YW so I didn't have to go. I'm definitely not one to rough it. I have only ever camped without a toilet one night in my life and I don't plan on doing it ever again. On the other hand, my girls absolutely LOVED trek last year and wished it had never ended, so hopefully it will be great and you can make it super fun for your "family."

Sarah said...

Yes, I'm back. Sorry, Friday's my day off so I'm doing mind-numbing activities all day. I was just going to say one more thing, you will definitely not look pioneer-like with your nice California sun glasses. That would make for a funny picture: Gucci meets LDS pioneer dress and running shoes.

Alexis said...

Haha... I was just imagining Sherri in her pioneer dress and trendy sunglasses. Nice.

Maybe you should get some poofy bangs cut and pull your hair back into a french braid.

The ma and pa thing might be fun. Good luck.

Julie said...

I almost just died. Seriously. I might have tears streaming down my face right now in a public library. I can't laugh, but I can cry tears of laughter. Oh my gosh. I fully support the pioneer outfit with expensive sunglasses.... How else would you do it? And I've squatted, and it was the worst experience in my life. hahaha when is this? I can't wait to see the outfit!!

Tyler said...

Bonnets are way hot

Jacob said...

Sherri, we got nominated by our bishop for youth conference to be leaders of one of the groups...but due to lack of interest, I was able to back out. Anna just got back because she went anyway.

Mallory said...

i have always thought you looked JUST LIKE A PIONEER. i'm glad i'm not the only one now.

Sue said...

My outfit (for you) will look fantastic with sunglasses. They won't make you be a real pioneer and leave them behind, will they?

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