Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Job Interview

So.. I randomly applied for a job as a dietitian the Seattle area, only a ferry ride away from downtown Seattle.

I really didn't think anything would happen, since the job description says it requires 3 years of experience and perhaps a background in diabetes education.. neither of which do I have.

I mainly applied because it said there was a $5000 dollar sign-on bonus with a 2-year agreement. Hello! We could definitely use that cash!

So anyways, I got an email today saying they'd like to interview me next week. Yahoo!!! Isn't that exciting?!


Alexis said...

Congrats! That is so awesome. I hope it goes well.

Sarah said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay. let me know if you need a place to stay or use the restroom and have a cold glass of milk.

Jacob said...

We'll be praying for ya...except it would be a little embarrassing if you started out making more than me...

Darren and Tisha said...

Ahhh, Bremerton. I have a soft spot in my heart for Bremerton. It was my first area on my mission. There's also a great MXPX song called Move to Bremerton.

"When I meet a special girl
She always lives somewhere else in the world
I dont want to call her on the phone
I wanna talk to her when Im at home

Move to bremerton - well hang out
Move to bremerton - cause you wanna
Move to bremerton - will you be mine?
(move to bremerton til the end of time)

Ill change the street signs you drive down
So you end up in my town
Ill re-draw the maps all one by one
So they all lead to bremerton

Drop out of school and run away
Quit your job, you got a place to stay
Pack your bags and hitch a ride
Bremertons a good place to reside

If you owned a brain and use it too
You gotta know that Id have a crush on you
Im a sucker for a level headed girl with a pretty smile
She gotz to have ideas, yeah, and she gotz to have style"

Katie said...

Good luck with the interview!!!!

Whitney said...

Keep us updated!

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