Thursday, January 29, 2009

A monumental, life-changing event

I did something so... monumental... yesterday that I have to announce it to the world. It's something I thought I would never be able to do..

I know you're thinking, wait.. I thought she already got married.

But no... (drum roll please)

I swallowed a pill.

Clarification: 4 halves of two pills. Big pills.

I even felt them get stuck in my throat, but I didn't even gag.

I am now an adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Boob Nazi said...

But who am I going to mock for not being able to take pills now?

Shannon said...

CONGRATS! That is seriously exciting. I have a horrible time swallowing pills. I didn't start until I was like 16. Everyone used to make fun of me. I still have a hard time, even with little pills and I can never take more than one at a time. It makes me nervous to have to swallow pills when I'm not right by a sink just in case i gag and have to spit it out. I totally am excited for you!

Sue said...

That is really earth shaking! But what for?

Kristine said...

LOL Congrats on becoming an adult!

lisa said...

hahaha--I had completely forgotten about your pill problems. That's hilarious-congratulations!

Sarah said...

Oh yes, I know how big this is. Congratulations. You are officially a braty teenager (you had two halves vs. a whole), maybe next time you can be an adult, like the rest of us and suck em down whole. Were these prenatal vitamins? I'm just being mormon, don't get mad at me. It's my thing. Mormon. Well, calcium and multivitamins are big too though.

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