Monday, January 26, 2009

Admit it ladies...

You have all wondered what marriage would be like to another man (or maybe you have wondered what marriage is like in general)..

So I'm going to give you a glimpse of what it's like to be married to Graham.. because I'm not sure any of you experience what I do.. I don't want to air our dirty laundry or anything, so don't be afraid to read.

Graham is goofy. I like that about him. He says and does some things that make me laugh and say, "you're silly", or I give him the quizzical eyebrow look.

Case in point: He does karate down the hall and will often do side rolls to impress me.

Graham is forgetful with things he needs to do. Sometimes it's cute... sometimes it's not.

Case in point: The time we received our power bill in the mail that said, "pay this bill or we will shut your utilities off." Graham had been getting the mail in his car for months, stuffing it in the storage bin between the seats, and forgetting about the mail altogether.

Graham does klutzy things.. which usually means we have to laugh about it later, because he may have destroyed a couple of our household items.

Case in point: It was icy yesterday morning when we went to church. Graham had a glass of juice in his hand, and when he unlocked the car, he put it on the top of the icy car. When he looked back up, the glass was sliding towards the other side of the car and broke as it hit the ground.

Graham is incredibly loving and generous with his time.

Case in point: Yesterday when he was playing his video games and I was reading a magazine, he turned to me and said, "I love you so much.. I don't think I tell you enough." Then, he played SingStar with me.. willingly.

Graham (and like most newly married men) likes to walk around au natural.

Case in point: I found him trying to fix the computer under our desk... naked. Not the most flattering view.

Graham is a wonderful leader in our home and outside of our home.

Case in point: He drives around investigators in our ward, he leads basketball practices at church, he's a semi-manager at his work, and he encourages me to go to church when I don't want to go or when I'm having a "fat day".

Graham accepts responsibility well.

Case in point: Graham and I have a deal. I cook, he does the dishes. Sometimes, like this weekend, I go on a cooking frenzy and use almost every pan or bowl in the house.. He doesn't complain and he gets it done.

Graham is very attractive.

Case in point: All of the men after him, and the older ladies in my new ward who told me, "If Graham was single when I was single, wooo.. I would've been after him."

Anyways, I don't mean to brag, but Graham, despite his faults and his shortcomings, is the best husband ever (at least for me). Oh gosh. This was meant to be funny, but it ended up being more sappy than funny. Sorry if you had to choke back vomit while reading this.. :)


The Boob Nazi said...

The naked thing was NOT NEEDED.

Jacob said...

I think this is a compliment...Graham reminds me a lot of dad in the goofy way.

Sue said...

I laughed out loud at the men wanting him. hahahahaha And I know it happens. Funny. So wonderful for you to be so happy. May it never end with just remembering the irritating funny things he does. :)

Sarah said...

eww. gross. hahahahahaha. i bet he is mad/embarrassed you posted the nakie thing. It's like a little boy: is he also wearing a superman jammies cape in these moments? I revoke my recent offer of letting you guys stay with me when needed. This is not a nudist colony.

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