Monday, January 19, 2009

I still got it

After you got married, have you found yourself thinking that you've changed.. maybe mellowed out a bit or not become as funny?

I'm not gonna lie.. I've felt that way. I feel like I'm dull or like nobody gets my jokes anymore. It's hard for me to be sarcastic at work because not everybod understands that I'm being sarcastic. Awkward.

But, I received confirmation that I am still quick-witted.. and somewhat funny.

Our friends here in Brem Brem were talking about the time we first met at the ward picnic. This guy Jacob was talking about cows for some reason, and he said, "Man.. everything that comes from a cow is delicious.."

To which I replied, "Well.. manure and cow pies come from cows.. are those delicious?"

Apparently, his wife thinks it's pretty funny that this is the only time that Jacob hasn't been able to think of a witty comeback.. I "punked" him, if you will.

I still got... a little.


The Boob Nazi said...

Yeah I don't think you're funny anymore.... Sad.

Sue said...

Glad SHE thought it was funny.

Tyler said...

Yeah, sorry to say it, but you're capable of much better. I'm just saying, take it as a compliment though!

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