Monday, January 12, 2009

I got drunk this weekend

And by drunk.. I mean "sleep drunk".

I'm the type of person who becomes really loopy when I'm tired. And since my bedtime is currently around 9:30 PM.. I frequently get tired on weekends when we're hanging out with friends. Meaning... I get sleep drunk and crazy around other people.

Usually only Graham sees my loopy crazy side, when I speak with foreign accents and when I do karate down the hallway.

Unfortunately, some of our friends have now been exposed to the drunken Sherri.

Friday night... it wasn't even that late (maybe 8:30), but Graham was trying to bug me by pushing my head away with a straight arm, like in football. So I fell on the ground or something (the details are kind of hazy), and started pushing Graham away with my leg, like Stewart from MadTV does. I started giggling hysterically, and could not stop. It wasn't even THAT funny. I kept saying, "noooooo" like Stewart, which only made it worse.

Saturday night, same friends, earlier time.. We were drinking this soda called "Wild Raspberry", and I renamed it (in a wacky voice), "Wild Waspbewy". For some reason, that caught my fancy, and I giggled/laughed about it for the rest of the night... even when we went to a different house with different friends. I kept saying weird things the whole night, and kept thinking all of my jokes were hilarious. My friend's husband said I was a sleep drunk... and I agree. I am WACKY when I am tired.

Cool story right.


The Boob Nazi said...

No comment.

Jacob said...


Whitney said...

How can I continue to live without this side of you?

Sue said...

Just sounds weird. So sleep in.

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