Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Passive Aggressive Neighbor

So, we live in a somewhat ghetto townhome complex in B-town. To be nice, the neighbors in general are not super classy. With that said, we have an middle-aged neighbor who is different. Graham said that she's disabled, which I can see somewhat. She seems a little slow. She also has a 20-something daughter that lives with her that's a little slow as well, possibly developmentally delayed. These are the neighbors that had trouble opening their front door when a large planter pot fell in front of the front door.. and when Graham helped them move it, they said, "Oh thanks! We would have been stuck in the house all day!" (Nevermind the fact that they have a door at the back of the house.)

Anyways, when Graham and I were both working out significantly last year and early this year, we made a lot of noise. Graham did Insanity, and I did Turbo Fire, which both require lots of jumping. We tried to make it more quiet, but no matter what we did, it still made noise. Mind you, the exercise was not completed at weird hours of the day. We mostly stuck to evening times, between 7-9:30 PM. Also, we only have one shared wall, which is with Carter's bedroom. So anyways, these neighbors started banging on the wall when we were exercising, which was annoying at first, but infuriating as time went on. Please tell me why the hell can I not exercise in the middle of the day on a Saturday?

One day last year, our neighbor saw Graham getting the mail and asked him if we work out a lot, or if we have a treadmill. He explained that we do workout videos with jumping, and we try to do it an non-offensive hours. The neighbor replied that it sometimes "shakes their whole house", which is ridiculous. I realize that the construction for the townhomes is crappy, but seriously? The whole house? I solved this problem one Saturday when I was doing a HIIT workout with lots of tuck jumps, and our neighbors started banging on the wall. I usually am totally considerate and try to "roll through" up and down the balls of my feet when I land from a jump, to soften the blow on the ground and my joints. But, not this time. I let them have it. I landed full-footed on the ground. HARD. Like, shake my picture frames and DVD cases hard. Several times. Bam. Problem solved. They haven't banged against the wall since.

Fast forward to this Saturday.. Graham had driven up early Saturday morning to watch Carter while I worked. Graham was driving me to work at 7:15 AM, and I saw the neighbor peering at us through her screen door as we got into the car. I thought it was a little strange, but I thought that she was probably being nosy because Graham had been gone for like 3 weeks. When Graham and Carter got back home after dropping me off, our neighbor approached Graham. Apparently, Carter had woken her up that morning. He regularly wakes up around 6 AM when I do, even on the weekends, which is not a big deal. He doesn't yell, scream, or cry, but he mostly cries out, "Mommy, I awake! I awake!", every morning. This morning was no different. He played around the house, but nothing too loud or disturbing. His voice is just piercing. If he is awake in the house, then so are you. Back to the story.. Anyways, the neighbor complained that Carter had woken her up early. Graham responded something like, "uh yeah, he's a kid.. what do you want?". So, this neighbor wanted us to apologize for a toddler waking her up early on a Saturday morning.. WTF?

Let me remind you that our only shared wall is along Carter's room, which borders the 2nd bedroom in the other townhome.. not even the master bedroom. So lady, are you sleeping in the tiny bedroom or are your ears pressed against the wall? We have lived here for 2 years, including when Carter was a baby, and NOW you start complaining that he's making too much noise? Just you wait, lady. Just you wait. I can only hope Carter starts yelling even louder in the morning.. especially Sunday mornings.

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