Friday, May 17, 2013

Cynical Sherri

So, before I met Graham, I was pretty sarcastic. Often, my sense of humor wasn't well-received with people who didn't know me well. Once I met Graham, he made me happy. So, I became less sarcastic, less cynical, and more goofy.

Now, I feel my old ways returning.

Graham told me that some of his family members may be contacting me, with some encouraging words, like, "God loves you", or "hang in there".

My response:
There's nothing anybody can say that'll make me happy, except, "Surprise, you're on candid camera!", or "You've been punked!".

Sometimes I wish this was all an elaborate joke.. but no, it's all too real.


Kelley said...

Ha! Oh I love cynical Sherri. Maybe because that's me too?! Anytime you feel like being sarcastic please give me a call!

The Boob Nazi said...

Welcome to my life.

K Nelson said...

How about this then: Hi Sherri.

NO encouragement intended. ;)

And we love the cynical, snide, or sacastic version of everyone in our family.


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