Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yeah, this is getting awkward..

Ok, so since I've lost weight, I've received lots of compliments about looking good, losing weight, etc.. but mostly from female friends and co-workers. Only a couple of male co-workers have dared to say anything, and usually it's been pretty benign, like "oh, you're looking good. Have you been working out?" or "you're getting so skinny!" (which is my personal favorite since I've never been called skinny).

So, one of my male co-workers at the hospital, whom shall not be named, said to me one day, "hey there skinny! We're going to have to start calling you superfox!" I was flattered, but a little weirded out by the compliment. I said thank you, of course, and reminded myself to stop wearing such low-cut shirts in this certain department. I didn't think too much about it for the next couple of days.

However, this same male co-worker was working on a different floor a few days later, and was talking to my female co-worker about me. He said the same thing to her about me, including the superfox thing. Ok, so yeah, that's a little weird, but then, he asked if I was divorced or getting divorced. He didn't ask that because I was losing weight, but because he hadn't "seen me wearing my wedding ring lately."

First of all, I never miss a day without my wedding ring at work.

Second, yikes.

Third, yikes. I didn't think men cared about or looked at wedding rings.

So, now I have to avoid this person because I think he's checking me out. I sat across from him a few days later and made sure my ring finger with my wedding ring was in full sight.


Graham says he better watch out, because he doesn't want to have to burn the hospital down if he ever hits on me or says something like that again. Do you remember the last time when some guys hit on me?

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