Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When men become primates

Ok, so I still haven't figured out how to blog from my BlackBerry. Does anyone have any tips?


So Graham and I went on our baby moon to Seattle this weekend. We started things off by taking the ferry over and enjoying the beautiful weather. We then went to the Mariners game against the Angels. Graham wanted to go to this game specifically because of the Ken Griffey Jr bobble head giveaway.

Anyways, after the game, we were taking a long walk back to our hotel along the pier. There were a ton of cars driving next to us stuck in traffic, and we heard someone yelling at us from their car. I was feeling really self-conscious because I'm in an awkward stage of my pregnancy where I just look chubby and not quite pregnant yet. We tried to walk faster, but the guys in the truck caught up with us anyways. I was thinking the guys were telling me I'm fat, so I didn't want to hear what they were saying!

Here's how the conversation went:
Guy in truck: hey man is that your girl?
Graham: yeah man
Guy: yeah she looks as hot as f&$%!
Graham: yeah she's my wife
Guy: You should be proud
Graham: I am
Guy: you better watch out or I may steal her from you. Woo!

Luckily, the traffic kept moving and they passed us up. Apparently this interaction really bothered Graham. He was all ready to go for a fight. He clenched his fists and kept saying "man I just really want to fight someone right now!!"

It reminded me of the head male gorilla in the show "Life" when his troop is threatened by another male. The gorilla gets up and starts hooting and banging on his chest to show his superiority and authority. Graham is my gorilla I guess..

I was just glad I wasn't being called fat.


Shannon said...

I always feel uncomfortable when people yell stuff out their car windows at me. Glad it wasn't mean. I think it's cute in a weird sort of way that Graham was so mad about it. Glad you guys had a fun little trip.
PS-Who won the game?

The Boob Nazi said...

I read that as "pirates." I'm still reading it as "pirates."

Tara said...

haha, I know how you feel. Justin always calls me his little trucker when I'm in that stage of pregnancy because it just looks like a nasty trucker gut. You must not be lookin' like one though, good for you! :)
Justin totally would have gotten pissed about that, too. Love your post title, so true.

Shewi128 said...

Shannon.. It was an awful game. The Mariners lost 8-0.. But the chili cheese nachos were good!

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