Thursday, April 2, 2009

Embarrassingly Enough

I'm reading the book Twilight.

It was a weak moment.

Graham and I were at my parents' house in Folsom, and I needed something to read at home.

The worst thing is.. (and I know you Twilight lovers will hate me)

The book is written for 10 year-old girls. It's THAT easy to read. Ugh. I keep reading it because I can't just stop reading a book in the middle, but I don't want to read it.

I thought it would be one of those books I couldn't put down, but it's not the case.


BILL said...

hmmm...really? well I guess reading the book will help prepare you for our next christmas gift to y'all:

Shauna said...

a-freaking men. that is the dumbest book series i felt dumb reading it.

The Boob Nazi said...

You know you're enjoying it. Whatever.

Jacob said...

Well if julie likes it a can kind of get the picture of what type of book it is. Harry Potter and Twlight? Can you say nerd?

Kristine said...

I enjoyed it. Wouldn't call it intellectual or anything. Yes, easy read. But it's good to have an easy read sometimes.

Sarah said...

So it is kind of corny at some parts and it is an easy read, but it is a fun read and a good read and you are just trying to be cooler than everyone else. As are you, Shauna. You both know you secretly wish for an Edward or Jacob for yourselves. Quick the tough guy act and admit it. YOU LOVE IT.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE LINK BILL FOUND, SOOOO CREEEEEPY! Did you read the descriptions the person put there? Kind of sad that people would actually do that.

If you saw the movie, you should look at this:

Oh, and no one better diss Harry Potter, which is the most awesome book series EVER. Don't even get me started...

Why must I defend these books?

So excited for HP in JULY! and New Moon in November!

Sarah said...

dang, by "quick" i meant "quit"

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