Friday, April 10, 2009


So, our internet-sharing neighbor moved away, so we're finally getting our own internet service at home. This means I might blog a little bit more than I have been lately, but might not.

Anyways, life is changing quickly. I start working 5 8-hour shifts in a couple of weeks, as well as 2 weekends per month. But, I still have a job.

Graham is still looking for a job, but our bishop just offered him a part-time job where he does clerical work for him. I think he's a financial advisor or something.. but the details aren't totally clear to me. The money will be good, though.. allowing us to pay off our debts a lot faster.

Graham also got called as the Young Men's president in our ward. I got released as the assistant to the secretary in the Relief Society presidency. No calling as of yet.. but I sure hope it's NOT in Primary.

We're also selling my 2003 Nissan XTerra. It has low mileage (65,000 miles) and is in great running condition with new tires. Know anybody who's interested?


The Boob Nazi said...

Selling your car? WHHHYYYY?

Shannon said...

I hope your new work schedule ends up being ok for you guys and hopefully that part time thing with Graham will work out. YM president is a huge calling, they better give you something easy. :) Good luck selling your car!

Whitney said...

I hope that the job works out well. And primary isn't that bad. You spend an hour singing songs and then you get to teach an easy lesson followed by coloring, games and perhaps candy. It's pretty sweet.

I wish I could buy your car. You wouldn't by chance be selling it for $2,000? :]

Jacob said...


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