Saturday, April 4, 2009

Longest Road Trip EVER

Longest blog EVER...

I don't do road trips. The longest I've ever driven is from Sacramento to Utah... about 10 hours. I'm a flyer.. or I used to be when my parents paid for my flights.

Now, I'm a driver. We're too cheap to pay for flights.

So anyways, Graham's aunt invited us a couple of months ago to drive down with them to Folsom because she was taking her daughters down there to visit some boys they had met at EFY. I was like, sweet.. a free trip to CA!

So, we drove down to Portland last week to meet them at their house, and everything was ok. We got up at 3 AM for the drive, packed the car, and Graham's cousin had a seizure just when we were getting into the car. She had fallen onto the grass and was shaking and moving her arms and legs. Probably one of the scariest things I've seen. I had no idea what to do!

Long story short.. They ended up not going, so Graham and I drove down to California ourselves. Wasn't too bad of a drive, although I couldn't sleep. So, we then met my parents for lunch in Folsom, and my dad showed us around his busy tax office. (Ugh.. April is the worst month.) Then, we went and played with my brother Craig's kids at their house. I love those kids! Maren, Braden, and Emma. Graham is like Maren's favorite toy. Braden is still a little rascal, but he says hi, bye, and I love you. Really a big change. And Emma is like the cutest baby ever!

We went out to Dos Coyotes for dinner and then to "Aliens vs Monsters" for the kids. LAME! Seriously did not enjoy that movie. I desperately wanted to fall asleep in that movie, but I couldn't. So yeah, that was our Friday.

Oh, and did I mention the weather? Sunny, no clouds, 65-75 degrees! I missed CA so much in that moment. However, I was dressed like a pasty Northwestener.. turtleneck, NorthFace jacket, and Ugg boots. I was hotter than ... in my outfit.

So Saturday.. Graham mowed my parents lawn, I helped my mom clean out her closet full of old clothes, and watched ducks play in my parents' pool. We tried to go for a walk over the new bridge in Folsom, but there was no parking, so we were like, screw this. We went to the Folsom outlets instead. Not a fan of the outlets, but they do have better shops now (i.e. BCBG). We then really went shopping at the Rosevilla Galleria, where I got some desperately needed shirts from Banana Republic.. where they were conveniently on sale/clearance. I'm wearing one today actually. I was also able to get my disgusting wedding rings cleaned for the first time in like a year. We got BBQ for dinner at Lucille's in Rocklin, which was delicious, and we went to see "Haunting in Connecticut". It was an ok movie.. and it scared us all. Graham was so funny.. He was like, "I don't know why I picked this movie--I hate scary movies!"

On Sunday, we went to church, and hung out with my family. Emma is such a funny baby. Her word for help/look/see/whatever is "mom". She'll hold things out for you to take from her, but then she'll take them right back. Indian giver..

We drove a long 12 hours on the way home to Brem Brem. We stopped in Medford, OR on the way home to see the temple. We had a hard time finding it because the steeple is literally two stories tall. You can't even see it from the freeway. Also, my sister-in-law, Ali, had her baby on Saturday, so we were able to see little Loralei (spelling?) on the way home. She was a little tiny thing with dark hair! Eventually I'm sure she'll look like her parents.. instead of her uncle Jon.

Anyways, long drive, long blog. Looking forward to driving down to CA again in June!


Darren, Tisha and Tanner said...

perhaps next time you could tell your best friend that you will be an hour away so that you can see her baby for the first time--jerk. I am mad at you! wink.

Shannon said...

Sounds like a pretty good trip. Bummer about Graham's cousins not getting to go though. Seizures sounds scary. It's always nice to be back in California and to visit family.

The Boob Nazi said...

So now you know how scared I was when grandma Fechter collapsed in front of me while in Europe in 1999. yeah.

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