Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spend a day with me

Since most of you don't live anywhere close to me, I'm going to giving you a glimpse as to what a normal day is like for me here in Brem Brem with Graham.

5:45 AM: Wake up to alarm, take a shower, and wake up Graham before his alarm goes off to make him mad. :)

6:30 AM: Go to kitchen, turn on lights, and look out the window onto the Sound. No, it's not that light outside at 6 AM, but it's just as beautiful.

6:45 AM: Leave for work with Graham. We carpool most days. We complain about the "traffic" here in Brem Brem and about the pansy (although we sometimes use more crude words) drivers here in the Northwest. Sometimes, especially on a clear day like today, we get a view of Mount Rainier and the sunrise.

7-5:30 PM: I work, chat with my dietitian friends, and pray for the day to be over.
5:30 PM: Graham and I drive home together, and have deep conversations about current events and world issues, such as the following real conversation we had one day:
Me: "What do you call birds who are afraid to fly?"
Graham: "I don't know... chickens?"
(True story)
5:45-7 PM: Cook dinner and watch TV. Graham will sometimes surprise me, like he did in the following picture. I kept asking Graham to take out the pizza box by the door, and I came home one night and found the pizza box torn up on the bed in the shape of "I love you". Aw how... sweet?

Anyways, that's what my life is like.
Oh and go back to my "holiday highlights" post. I added pictures.


The Boob Nazi said...

You should've written that on my love blog.
True love is ripping up a pizza box and shaping it in the words "I love you" hahahahaha

Your day sounds even less exciting than mine. yuck.

Sue said...

Why do you have to pray for the day to be over?

Shannon said...

That is hilarious what he did to get out of taking the pizza box out. What a sweetie? Washington really is gorgeous. Ian's grandparents live in Edmonds RIGHT on the sound and it is amazing. If it weren't for all that stinking rain I would definitely live there. :)

Shewi128 said...

I pray for the day to be over at work so I can go home and play! Work hard, play hard.

Tyler said...

ewww, that's too much information Sherri.

Tara said...

Did you take that picture of Mt. Rainier? That is amazing. My sister used to live in Olympia for quite a while and we went to visit a few times. It really is so pretty up there. Sounds like you have a pretty good life there. Just enjoy working though because even though staying home with my kids is cool, I miss being with other adults and working sometimes.

Alexis said...

I can't get over the view from your kitchen. When I look out my window I see other condos.

I. Am. So. Jealous.

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