Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apparently I'm a middle-aged overweight male

So I had my annual check-up yesterday with my new OB/GYN. She asked if I wanted to get my cholesterol checked because my mom has high cholesterol (sorry mom).

So, I got a call from the nurse today telling me I have high cholesterol- 256 mg/dL or something ridiculously high like that (optimal is below 150). Mind you, it wasn't fasting.. so it might go down to 200 or something, but still... That is bad for a 26 year-old healthy female.

I start thinking about all of the crap I've eaten lately (Chinese food, Christmas candy, etc... you know how it is around the holidays!), and I start freaking out. I had to remind myself that I've been eating healthier since I started working at the hospital (more yogurt, fruit, water, etc..).

Then I remember one experience from my childhood. When I was like 8 years old or something, my pediatrician told me (and my parents of course) that I had high cholesterol. Obviously I have a genetic tendency for high cholesterol. Their advice back then was just to switch to skim milk. My mom did that, but I had no follow-up whatsoever. Thanks Kaiser Permanente!! Now you totally screwed me and my heart!

So, I've now found my motivation to eat even better--sorry Graham-- and to exercise regularly.

Happy f-ing New Year. Live healthy.. or die early like I might.

I'm still eating some of the cake I made last night for the New Years Eve party tonight.


The Boob Nazi said...

meeeh I don't wantt to think about it. And I'm holding Emma right now, btw.... awwwwww

Sue said...

Well, I think actually you were a little older than that. But you could have gotten it checked any time -- mother has high, grandfather has high, great-grandmother had VERY high, etc. Yep, it runs in the family.

Kristine said...

So, are you working on a diet change for yourself? Going on medication as well?

I *think* I've had my cholesterol checked. I don't remember my dad having it high. He does have high blood pressure - which I don't have. Hmmmm.

Jacob said...

No problems here thank goodness. I was hoping the doctors would scare me about a year back with high cholesterol and maybe pre-diabetic stuff...but nothing wrong or even high.

Shannon said...

Hmm . . . well at least it's one more motivation, right? I have no idea what my cholesterol is. I think hubby's is really high though. I should stop letting him ever eat bacon. :) Anyway, hope the resolutions go well. Also, you certainly don't look like a middle aged male.

The Boob Nazi said...

Can we get an update? I'm stuck at home, bored, with nothing to do but read the Twilight series. Can you see why I need blogs?

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