Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To bang or not to bang?

Don't worry, this is not a dirty post..

I'm getting a much-needed haircut next week, and I need bangs again. However, I cannot decide on which style to do: the straight bangs or the side bangs.

My hair is growing out to be quite long, so I can try to pull off the straight bangs again (my face is too round with short hair), but I love side bangs.

What do you think?





Julie said...

Side. Deep post, by the way.

Alexis said...

I think I like side on you. I always want to get straight and then end up sweeping them to the side anyway.

Mallory said...

of the two pictures, i like the side ones better on you. although i like the idea of straight bangs better. and then they grow out to be side bangs- best of both worlds.

Whitney said...

side. i like straight too, but go side.

Lisa said...

not that you need another person to tell you this, but... side.


BILL said...

To make it unanimous I think side too. Plus Bill thinks you look 40 with the full bangs. He also just told me that I am not allowed to post comments unless I type them in a word document first. My spelling has been less the bee worthy since the birth of Micaela. Oh well. - Andrea

Church-a-rama said...

So, this is a little delayed and probably random of me to comment, but definately side. You look cute and cool with side bangs. I'm glad to see you are happy and doing well in P-town. Sarah has been keeping me updated on you, so I thought I'd check out your blog and eliminate the middle sister (she's the middle child, haha). Anyways, good luck with the potential job. Later, dude.

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