Saturday, April 12, 2008

Awesome Job "Offer"..

Ok, so I was going up to the receptionist's office at OHSU in the Health Promotion and Sports Medicine Department, when the receptionist brought up a potential job opening in their department that my thesis mentor recommended me for.. Apparently, I come highly recommended as a great multi-tasker and as having a sunny disposition.

Get this:
--It's a position for an interventionist with a masters degree (which I'll be getting very soon)
--I'd work with NFL teams and coaches and their sponsor schools
--I'd be implementing and promoting these two programs at high schools around the country: Atlas and Athena. These programs aim to lower drug use and eating disorders in high school sports teams.
--I get to travel around the U.S. and work with NFL people. HELLO?! Sign me up!
--I get to work with teenagers, something I've been doing my whole life.
--I get to be a good example and promote good values and morals.

Bad side:
--I travel for blocks of time.. away from Graham. We don't even like leaving each other in the mornings.

So, I'll find out about this job in the next few weeks or so.. Graham kind of wants to stay in Portland for a few years, and this job is based in Portland, so.. we'll see. It'll depend on the salary and amount of time spent away from home. Plus, it'd just be my first job, not something permanent.

Does this not sound like the most awesome job?


Alexis said...

Wow! That's awesome! Good luck. I hope you get it and that you wouldn't have to travel too too much. Theo was only on IV not on tube feeding, by the way. BUT good news is that they are bottle feeding him again and we actually get to feed him if we are there. It's my favorite thing in the world right now.

Tyler said...

Figure it out and take Graham with you! That sounds really awesome, and way worth the sacrifice seriously. I'm sure you can figure out how to make it work. Maybe Graham can enroll in online classes or something for the terms that he would be gone with you, then he wouldn't even have to take school off. I say do whatever it takes and try to make it work, I'm jealous!

Darren and Tisha said...

YEWAHHHHHH! That is SOOO cool. I will pray for you. You know that would make Darren happy-to have connections to the NFL. Sweet! I am so proud of you Sher!!!

Julie said...

That would be pretty dang cool. I think if you were apart from Graham, he could get more stuff done for school. How much is it? That'd be so freaking cool!

Jacob said...

Hopefully you get it

Sarah said...

SHERRRRRRRRRRI! Maybe they'd let you cheer for them too? That sounds much better than working for Sea Mar. But they're still looking if you need a non-traveling job (vancouver). But it sounds like a pretty awesome job. You could always quit if it became ridiculous. It'd be a great experience. I talked about you today with this girl from church because she's from Auburn which I think is by Folsom more or less and she can't take pills either! I guess it's a northern california thing. Ok love you bye!

Anonymous said...

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Whitney said...

Talk about no recent posts!!! Sheesh!

Sarah said...

Seriously, you need to update on the job offer. You can't leave us hanging like this! So rude!

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