Friday, March 28, 2008

Thesis Time

I have been working on my thesis day and night since last Monday. Graham and I have hardly even spoken over the past two weeks.

Picture this:
I am out on the couch with my laptop, watching TV and typing.

Graham is in the back room playing World of Warcraft.

What a life huh?

What's made it even worse is that I've been renting Sex and the City to make me keep working on my thesis. Graham won't even be in the same room as the show, so yeah.. Life has been pretty boring.. tedious.. and full of thoughts of statistics, discussion points, and low-carb diets.

I cannot wait until April 23rd!!


Julie said...

Why won't he be in the same room? That show is AMAZING!!

Alexis said...

My thesis is about American literature and film of the Vietnam War. I am arguing that some of the texts are more authentic or realistic representations of the war specifically because they use unrealistic and surrealistic techniques. A lot different than yours, I'm sure. Not so many stats. Much more weird literary theory. I think I like it. I'm sorry you don't get to spend much time with your hubby, but I have to say I'm way impressed that you can get anything done when he's home. I suck at that. Good luck!

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