Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's in the mail..

So, I've pretty much been working on statistics for my thesis for about 6 hours straight, and I desperately need a break. I'm deciding to do a mind dump and let you know about all the silly things that have been bothering me lately.

--There is a girl in the stats lab who won't stop talking, but she's quiet, so it's like murmuring, you know.. It annoyed me right off, and I didn't quite know why. Then... I suddenly realized that her voice sounds exactly like mine (at least.. the way I hear it recorded on anything). Is anyone else annoyed by the way their voice must sound to other people?

--There are these Russian/East European teenagers who hang out in a bike shelter in our apartment complex, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and hard alcohol. Graham has kicked them out many times (they don't live in our complex), but they keep coming back. I discovered some really "cool" graffiti in the bike shelter.. Like a spray-prainted tank, someone's name (Ben), and a phrase that Graham and I constantly use: "Brathers for f--king life". Brathers huh? Do you think they just don't know how to spell, or that they like spelling it the way the pronounce "brothers"? Either way, I love saying it with a bad Russian accent. Also, early Saturday morning (around 6:00AM), the same hooligans were parked outside our building blasting music in their car. They stayed there for at least an hour, blasting crappy ol Euro-rap (I assume that's what the listen to), and preventing my good Saturday morning sleep-in. Graham and I did nothing, but we both had dreams we went out there and yelled at them. My dreams were filled with curse words.

--Speaking of dreams, I dreamed I lived in South Park this morning. Random huh?

--My thesis defense is 5 weeks from tomorrow. Is that not insane?? This will be one of the biggest events in my lifetime, and I'm not really that nervous yet.. Give it time.. give it time.

--This morning, I had to sear stew meat in some oil before putting it in the slow cooker. I stupidly put the meat in all at once, and managed not only to burn the crap out of my hands, but splatter hot oil all over my shirt, most likely ruining it. Sweet.

--I am very competitive. Graham and I are in a card-playing tournament with his brother and wife. It's fun because Graham's brother is super-competitive, but his wife is not. Therefore, I'm more inclined to play better than his wife because I want to win.

--Don't buy cheap ice cream. Graham (who should never shop alone apparently) was at WinCo and noticed the $3 gallon-sized container of vanilla. "What the hey?" he thought, and brought it home. Personally, I don't like icicles in my ice cream, nor do I like ice cream to taste like water, but Graham didn't know that cheap ice cream=ice, no cream. Sick.

--What is creepier to you? Ultrasounds posted on facebook, or constant picture updates of a growing "bun in the oven" belly on facebook?

--Graham's 18-year old cousin doesn't want to go to college.. at all. She's not a bum, or an idiot, just um.. lazy? Or just wants to get married? She said, "my mom didn't go to college". Well hon.. times are changin. I didn't know how to respond. I never even considered NOT going to college. Maybe it's just me.

Ok kids.. I think I'll work a bit more on my thesis and then head home. Btw, we FINALLY have the internet at home!!! For FREE! Yay!


Tyler said...

Yeah, I don't bother bothering Erika about it, she'll figure something out, or actually just get married. I think she might be an exception to my theory that all girls are more attractive with a degree or as a returned missionary, or both, but never neither. That's awesome about Graham's ice cream by the way, I'm surprised you still let him grocery shop alone at all, that's like week one Graham 101, haha. Did he bring any spam home or minute microwave rice? Gross.

Julie said...

I hate the baby thing. But even creepier than BOTH of those things is a 3-D ultrasound. Have you ever seen one of those? I actually took someone I know off of my blog list because her post was a 3-D ultrasound. ew.ew.ew. And this might sound crazy, but a child's reading ability is related to its mother's level of education. You can predict how well he/she is going to read by the level of her/his mother's education. So apparently, OUR children are going to be amazing at reading. haha

Alexis said...

My 18 year old brother joined the Marines without telling anyone in my family until after the fact. I think eighteen year olds like to try to prove they are adults by making decisions that others might not think are that great of an idea--you can't stop me! Good luck with your defense. Hopefully I will get mine scheduled pretty soon. I am terrified of it though. You must be tough.

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