Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just our luck..

Graham and I consistently have bad luck wherever we go. Ok, so I can't really claim that I've had bad luck only since I met Graham, but my luck has suspiciously gotten worse over the past year.. Graham says it's his life..

Anyways, so we had a trip to Disneyland last weekend, and our flight was on Thursday afternoon. Graham came home and took a shower quickly after work, and his brother drove us to the airport. We were cutting it close--3:40 for a 4:25 flight--but Graham couldn't have come home from work any earlier. So, Alaska Airlines only lets you check in luggage 40 minutes before flights, so in order for us to get down to Orange County, we had to wait 3 hours for the next flight at 7:15. We reluctantly agreed--Graham was very calm about it. I was extremely pissed. I hate being delayed. To make it even worse, my mom yelled at me for "missing" the flight. Then, I kindly reminded her she put my married name, not my maiden name (which I hadn't changed yet), so there.

Then, I noticed the airline ticket said my married name. I have not changed my name yet, and we had just gotten our marriage license a few days before. We decided not to take a chance with security and had Graham's grandpa pick us up at the airport to run home and get the license. So, all was going good.. until we went through security, bought some marionberry jam for Joanna, and noticed that our flight was delayed until 7:45. Freaking pissed again (and not about to eat a sick airport hotdog), we decided to leave the "Secured" area of the Portland airport and eat in the food court. All was good again.. until we went through security again.

"What's this?!"
"Um ma'am.. that's some jelly I just bought from the airport store."
"Well it's bigger than 3 oz, so we can't let it through."
"Are you serious? I just bought it here. It still has the tag on it."
"We can't let it in unless you have the receipt."

So yeah, I threw the receipt away. I walked away from security freaking mad--I JUST bought the jam!! Then, Graham suggests we go get a copy of the receipt from the store. The cashier finds it and escorts us back to the security checkpoint. Get this--the people who had just helped us went on a break, leaving the jam nowhere to be found.. Graham maintains that they were now spreading the delicious jam on bread for PB&J's.

Anyways, we had a wonderful weekend in SoCal at Disneyland and in Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach. Even though the weather is nice, I just don't think I want to live down there.. The culture and the people are just... different. I also think I'd have to lose about 50 pounds to not be self-conscious about my body. Then, I'd have to get a boob job, and so on.. Soooo.. no thanks to living in SoCal.

A nice ending for our trip was a delayed flight back home to Portland.. getting us home around midnight. We both had to work extra early Monday morning, so we just LOVE Alaska Airlines! Oh, and I left a lemon in the cupboard for too long and it got all moldy and made our apartment smell. Plus, Graham and I both got colds from somebody. Sweet.


Julie said...

Why did you put missing in quotes? You missed the flight. No quotation marks needed.

Tyler said...

Oh man, I'm sorry, but the fact that I find that story hilarious isn't intended to make you angrier, it's just that it's typical of Graham's life, it really truly is. Sad sad sad, but hilarious. I'm surprised he was calm, as used to it as he is he usually gets really pissed off anyway. I like how "moldy lemon" is one of the labels by the way. The jam is like the icing on the cake, and then missing the flight home. Wow... not that you needed a summary of your own story. At least you didn't trash your car on your way home after your trip! I think I could handle living in Southern California even with the lame people, the weather makes it worth it, not permanently, but maybe for grad school. hmmm...

heidi nielsen said...

I agree. I have no socal pride. I try to convince my parents to move on a regular basis.

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