Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stress Shopping

Does anybody else do this? Some people binge eat, some people exercise like crazy, others drink themselves into oblivion..

But, no.. I stress shop. I can't divulge how much money I spent on stuff when Graham was gone, but it wasn't wise of me to do so. However, try telling my nerves that I don't need a pair of teal pants for work from Banana...

Anyways, Santa got me a gift card from Sephora that I just so happened to use today.. I bought an Urban Decay lipstick  in Native (because I need more makeup right?), matching lipliner, and a new perfume to try (yeah, good idea, right, since I work in a perfume-free workplace..?). With the gift card, the damage wasn't that bad, fortunately. I'll round out the night with a good workout and some fudge-covered Ritz crackers.

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