Thursday, January 16, 2014


For obvious reasons, honesty is very important to me.. Honesty with God, honesty with yourself, and honesty with others.

Although I do value honesty, it isn't always my best quality. I've struggled with it in all three areas.

Owning up to my choices and having to live with the consequence can affect me in lots of different ways. For example, am I always telling my husband when I buy something that I probably don't need? Am I telling my co-workers or manager when I've made a mistake at work? Am I honest with myself about my actions and feelings?

Honesty with myself is something I've been thinking a lot about lately. It is something we are all guilty of, though.. Why are you avoiding wearing certain items of clothing--is it because you don't "feel" like wearing them, or have you gained a couple of pounds? I am often found guilty of this. What is your motivation to help people? Is it because you truly want to help make their life better? Or is it because you want them to think you're an awesome person? If someone accidentally takes a picture where you look "fat", do you immediately delete it? Or does your face look ugly? (Has anyone ever seen that quote on Pinterest that says, "there are no ugly pictures--that's just the way your face looks sometimes.") Deleting "fat pictures" is a form of dishonesty with yourself, as it may just be a bad angle or bad lighting, but it just may be the "true" vision of you at the time.

I, for one, tend to delete most photos where I look gross. So, that is why I have almost NO photos with me in them from pregnancy until Carter was almost two years old. In the spirit of honesty, here is a picture of me with Carter when he is about 11 months old that is particularly unflattering during my post-partum fat days.

And, to make myself feel a little bit better after that, here's a more recent one. Thanks goodness I started working out!

I don't know why I'm writing this, really. I have some serious drama and stuff going on at work that I've been trying to get through. I can't really give many details, but it does involve honesty.


Sue said...

I just watched the video that Graham shot of us practicing the Just Dance routine for Xmas Eve that I participated in. I honestly haven't been thinking of myself as so fat, but in this video it is HONESTLY apparent that I have put on weight and am struggling with obesity. Yes, we hide behind a dishonest view of ourselves both physically and spiritually.

Shannon said...

I love that pic of you with Carter! You both have such pure looks of happiness on your faces. Good post. It's important for us to remember that we are still worthwhile people experience great moments with the ones we love and it's good to look back and remember those even if we aren't necessarily looking our best in those photos. Wow. Run on sentence. Sorry. Anyway, definitely something to think about. :)

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