Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Little Bubble Boy

Graham's family knows how allergic Graham is to everything, and I've told the story about Graham getting hives from a used basketball jersey last year...

But Graham's recent allergy experiences really are almost too much to take..

First though.. Let's take it back a bit, to February/March of 2008 when we were first married.
--Graham decided to get a Snicker's bar and he ate it before dinner. Graham wasn't allergic to peanuts, so he figured it was ok even though it may have some tree nuts in the bar according to the package. When he found a hive on his hip about 30 minutes later.. he started FREAKING out..

He literally tore all of his clothes off and was pacing around the house.

Imagine my face.. "Um, honey.. Why are your clothes off?"
Graham: "I don't know. I'm itchy!"
Me: "Are you going to shower?"
Graham: "I don't know!"
Me: "Well dinner is ready and getting cold... Do you mind if I eat now?"

Graham proceeded to take his plate of food and sat on the couch, naked, and started eating dinner. Me: "Um, what do you think you're doing? That's nasty. Put some clothes on!"

Obviously, Graham goes nuts (nice pun eh?) when he gets a hive, and I don't have any sympathy for allergies or hives.

Graham stopped going to the allergist in Portland when we met for an unknown reason.. But he found one up here and got all of his tests done again in November. Let me list his allergies:
honeydew melons
green beans
shellfish (including shrimp)
all nuts (including peanuts), except walnuts and macadamia nuts

I believe that's the whole list. And no, I'm not making that up. An allergy to healthy food. The allergist partly blamed it on me because I made Graham all healthy and made him eat whole grains and fruits/vegetables. We don't take all of the allergies seriously, like the wheat one (but I don't buy whole wheat bread anymore), but Graham stopped eating fresh apples and milk, and his headaches have all but disappeared.

But he has had an incident lately. His allergies give him severe sinus infections, with severe congestion. He took some antibiotics in December, but the infection is back in full force..

Anyways, Graham came home from church basketball the other night with a crazy story.. Why is it the crazy stuff always happens at church ball games?

Graham and another kid were going up for a rebound or something, and the other kid came down on Graham's right side of his face with his elbow.. HARD. Graham fell to the floor and almost blacked out. He felt a crackling noise in his nose and felt fluid pouring out of his nose.

He assumed his nose was broken and that it was bleeding profusely all over his face, shirt, and gym floor. When he opened his eyes and wiped his nose, the color was orange/yellow, kind of the color of Mountain Dew...

His sinus emptied out on the floor!! He said it took 3 paper towels to soak it up..

And man, have I been obsessed with trying to clear out his OTHER sinus (his left side). I keep trying to karate chop his left eye/nose area to.. you know.. "help him out". But Graham won't let me do it for some reason...


Shannon said...

Wow. How on earth do you cook for that man?!? Good thing you're a register dietitian. You're the only one who would have a chance of keeping him fed. Also, that nose story is seriously icky. Shudder. Good luck getting that left side.

The Boob Nazi said...

I almost just threw up the cookie dough I ate... And you know that's a big deal.

Tyler said...

Graham was the stereotypical nerdy kid in school when he was little that had a bajillion health issues. Still is I guess, haha.

Jacob said...

Sometimes I wish I could do that to my sinus...congrats Graham.

Sue said...

It was really too gross a story to tell. Yuck. Is the infection gone now?

Kristine said...

So, he can eat walnuts, macadamias, and what else?

Oh, and he should try a neti pot.

lisa said...

Pringles. Can he eat pringles? (Let's ask the important questions, people.)

stewbert said...

Wow ... that's worse than my allergy list, which are mostly avoidable things.

I second the neti pot idea. Hope the rest of the infection goes away.

Kathee Nelson said...

When my mom got tested, she reacted to WATER (along with everything else). Graham - just go back to eating twinkies.

heidi nielsen said...

Thank you for making my day. You should just elbow him in his sleep and pretend it was an accident. I'm allergic to water. Mostly when it's cold and humid. I would probably always have hives if I lived near you. What a crazy list of allergies!

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