Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok, so our hospital has a public website where you can see the babies born there.. and you can also see their names.

As many of you know, I've complained about the white trash-ness of my town, and some of these names just prove it..

My Top 10:

10) Kholeen (for some reason, this reminds me of colon)
9) Nefertiti (you know this girl will be called "titty" for the rest of her life)
8) Ja'leah (does the apostrophe make it special?)
7) Karlchen (wtf?)
6) Fuscia (the poor parents can't even spell Fuschia correctly)
5) Gryphon (fancy spelling for a mythological lion/eagle creature)
4) Jaxon and Jaxsyn (future porn stars or dancers)
3) Apple'lee (the restaurant where the baby was conceived)

My Top 2 (and these happen to be twins):
2) Hyaleigh Aliyyah (seriously so blessed)
1) Aqaylah Breaze (no words... no words)

Seriously, yikes.. Shouldn't potential parents be screened before they bring a child into this world?


Shannon said...

Eek. Those are really bad. I think Karlchen is the worst, but the fact that those last 2 are twins takes the cake. Poor children.

Andrea said...

If by any small chance you come across any good names let Bill know cause we are already having trouble deciding on names for baby #2

Alexis said...

I agree with Shannon. Karlchen is really really bad. Was that a girl or a boy? Although Apple'lee is up there. I think the mom is a Gweneth Paltrow fan who wanted to make her daughter's name more "special." I agree that TAMN would love the twins' names.

The Boob Nazi said...

W.T.F. are these parents thinking. aaarrggghhh

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